Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year In Review - 2016

2016 has been an year of accomplishments. While the accomplishments are good I have a feeling of discontent and that something is missing. These accomplishments are starting to feel like some distant memories of the past.

So What did I accomplish in 2016


  • Finished running a marathon in all the 7 Continents in the world
  • Finished running a marathon in all the 50 States and DC in USA
  • Had a PR at the Lincoln Marathon with 3:15:35
  • Was overall 1st in "Inca Trail Macchu Picchu Marathon" which is considered the toughest marathon in the world
  • Was overall 2nd in Antarctica Marathon
  • Was overall 2nd in the DC Marathon taking second place with a sprint in the last 200 mts and taking a lead of 9 seconds
  • Was overall 2nd in the New Mexico Marathon
  • Was overall 3rd in the Cumberland, MD marathon.
  • Was overall 3rd in the Punta Arenas Marathon
  • Had a mile PR of 5:53 
  • Had a 12K PR at Bay to Breakers with 51:50 mts. Placed 3rd in my age group.
  • Got fast : 
    • 1 sub 3:20 race, 
    • 3 sub 3:30 races, 
    • 4 sub 3:35 races, 
    • 2 sub 3:40 races, 
    • 1 sub 3:45 race
    • 1 sub 4:00 race 
    • Antarctica and Macchu Picchu are not your typical marathons
  • Placed in age groups 
    • Mississippi Marathon,  - 3rd
    • New Mexico Marathon - 1st
    • Maryland Marathon - 2nd
    • DC Marathon - 1st
    • Antarctica Marathon - 1st
    • Punta Arenas Marathon - 1st
Overall I ran 14 marathons this year, got fast, won a races, placed overall top 3 in few and placed in age group in few. Decent year of running I would say

  • King George Island - Antarctica Trip
  • Punta Arenas, Puerta Natales, Torres Del Paine - Chile Trip
  • Macchu Picchu, Cusco - Peru Trip
  • Vancouver - Canada Trip
  • Hyderabad - India Trip
  • Visited 10 States and DC in the US
  • Big Sur
  • Redwoods
Public Speaking
  • Graduated from Improve 101 class, Improv 201 class, Improv 301 class.
  • Love Bus - Ran and drove with friends from SF to Portland around 500 miles
  • Grew the business decently well.
  • Finished reading  8 books and listened 10 audio books
  • Wrote (apt to say Journaled) atleast 69 days in the year and wrote around 77,000 + words. decently
Simple Living
  • Got rid of some more clothes.
Missed ....

  • on nutrition goals, writing goals, relationship goals, fun/adventure goals, productivity goals.

Overall most of the year surrounded around running and traveling with very few other things that were done. Yes seems I did lot more in 2015 besides just running and traveling.

2017 - I think I will become more focused, spend less time on the Internet but more time with people.