Monday, July 25, 2016

Data Driven Dulhan

Something interesting happened yesterday. While I was self reflecting on the occasion of my 9 year anniversary in the states and was happy to share the things I did in my 20's with my family members, I got  some suggestions. While most of my family members congratulated and appreciated me, some of my members in my brown family in addition to congratulating me, felt I am not complete without getting married and insisted I make "getting married" one of my top priorities.

What did I do ? I turned my "well-wishing"  brown family members into match makers/data scientists.

I sent them the link to the form Getting To Know the Girl form to be shared with the girl they think will be a match to me. Out of all the drama if someone seemingly true and genuine happens to submit it :), I will review and contact her. 

To be an equal opportunity guy  I made sure there were none of the questions  that were discriminating or asking anything about race, religion, language, age, nationality etc etc. 

This could be a good script for a Bollywood movie "Data Driven Dulhan" (Dulhan means bride in Bollywood/Hindi) 

LOL, I can't  even stop laughing while I am writing this, because this came to me as a joke and I thought this would also be a good social experiment and more than all, it will give me a good reason to tell my sisters "Hey I am interested in getting married, you can't even find a good girl for me" lol, now I don't think they will ask me that question ever again".

But to be honest  a very distant and hopeful part of me wants this  experiment to succeed and lead me to a partner I can connect emotionally and intimately. The truth is I don't like to spend time on dating apps, in bars which is the trend or I don't talk to my friends much about "Hey I am looking for a girl" or might not come across as "relationship material" guy, so my chances of finding someone I am interested in tend to be realtively low because of my interests, beliefs and more importantly my priorities. 

I have mostly prioritized fun, running, traveling, my entrepreneurial dreams  and other goals in the last 9 years. There were instances where I intentionally even avoided relationships because I thought they would come in the way or distract me from doing what I wanted to do. Example : Run a marathon in all the 50 states, 7 continents and soon I will be on my journey to run a marathon in all the countries.

Either way, will have to wait and see where this will lead to. If nothing this will  be a good data driven social experiment or will keep my family occupied or quiet for sometime.

One of my family member said "Sandy, you seem to be a goal oriented person, may be marriage should also be your goal". I was like "yes I have my vision 2020 or vision 2021" set implying jokingly I might get hitched in 2020 or 2021. 

One of my other family members said "Hey sandy I am not sure if your wedding celebration will be longer or your WhatsApp messages" for which I replied "Obviously my messages". My family even knows I talk too much and write too much even in WhatsApp messages.

My brown family cracks me up so much. I love  my family and I am where I am because they keep me humble and honest with their  quirky way of giving feedback.

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