Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year In Review - 2016

2016 has been an year of accomplishments. While the accomplishments are good I have a feeling of discontent and that something is missing. These accomplishments are starting to feel like some distant memories of the past.

So What did I accomplish in 2016


  • Finished running a marathon in all the 7 Continents in the world
  • Finished running a marathon in all the 50 States and DC in USA
  • Had a PR at the Lincoln Marathon with 3:15:35
  • Was overall 1st in "Inca Trail Macchu Picchu Marathon" which is considered the toughest marathon in the world
  • Was overall 2nd in Antarctica Marathon
  • Was overall 2nd in the DC Marathon taking second place with a sprint in the last 200 mts and taking a lead of 9 seconds
  • Was overall 2nd in the New Mexico Marathon
  • Was overall 3rd in the Cumberland, MD marathon.
  • Was overall 3rd in the Punta Arenas Marathon
  • Had a mile PR of 5:53 
  • Had a 12K PR at Bay to Breakers with 51:50 mts. Placed 3rd in my age group.
  • Got fast : 
    • 1 sub 3:20 race, 
    • 3 sub 3:30 races, 
    • 4 sub 3:35 races, 
    • 2 sub 3:40 races, 
    • 1 sub 3:45 race
    • 1 sub 4:00 race 
    • Antarctica and Macchu Picchu are not your typical marathons
  • Placed in age groups 
    • Mississippi Marathon,  - 3rd
    • New Mexico Marathon - 1st
    • Maryland Marathon - 2nd
    • DC Marathon - 1st
    • Antarctica Marathon - 1st
    • Punta Arenas Marathon - 1st
Overall I ran 14 marathons this year, got fast, won a races, placed overall top 3 in few and placed in age group in few. Decent year of running I would say

  • King George Island - Antarctica Trip
  • Punta Arenas, Puerta Natales, Torres Del Paine - Chile Trip
  • Macchu Picchu, Cusco - Peru Trip
  • Vancouver - Canada Trip
  • Hyderabad - India Trip
  • Visited 10 States and DC in the US
  • Big Sur
  • Redwoods
Public Speaking
  • Graduated from Improve 101 class, Improv 201 class, Improv 301 class.
  • Love Bus - Ran and drove with friends from SF to Portland around 500 miles
  • Grew the business decently well.
  • Finished reading  8 books and listened 10 audio books
  • Wrote (apt to say Journaled) atleast 69 days in the year and wrote around 77,000 + words. decently
Simple Living
  • Got rid of some more clothes.
Missed ....

  • on nutrition goals, writing goals, relationship goals, fun/adventure goals, productivity goals.

Overall most of the year surrounded around running and traveling with very few other things that were done. Yes seems I did lot more in 2015 besides just running and traveling.

2017 - I think I will become more focused, spend less time on the Internet but more time with people.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Data Driven Dulhan

Something interesting happened yesterday. While I was self reflecting on the occasion of my 9 year anniversary in the states and was happy to share the things I did in my 20's with my family members, I got  some suggestions. While most of my family members congratulated and appreciated me, some of my members in my brown family in addition to congratulating me, felt I am not complete without getting married and insisted I make "getting married" one of my top priorities.

What did I do ? I turned my "well-wishing"  brown family members into match makers/data scientists.

I sent them the link to the form Getting To Know the Girl form to be shared with the girl they think will be a match to me. Out of all the drama if someone seemingly true and genuine happens to submit it :), I will review and contact her. 

To be an equal opportunity guy  I made sure there were none of the questions  that were discriminating or asking anything about race, religion, language, age, nationality etc etc. 

This could be a good script for a Bollywood movie "Data Driven Dulhan" (Dulhan means bride in Bollywood/Hindi) 

LOL, I can't  even stop laughing while I am writing this, because this came to me as a joke and I thought this would also be a good social experiment and more than all, it will give me a good reason to tell my sisters "Hey I am interested in getting married, you can't even find a good girl for me" lol, now I don't think they will ask me that question ever again".

But to be honest  a very distant and hopeful part of me wants this  experiment to succeed and lead me to a partner I can connect emotionally and intimately. The truth is I don't like to spend time on dating apps, in bars which is the trend or I don't talk to my friends much about "Hey I am looking for a girl" or might not come across as "relationship material" guy, so my chances of finding someone I am interested in tend to be realtively low because of my interests, beliefs and more importantly my priorities. 

I have mostly prioritized fun, running, traveling, my entrepreneurial dreams  and other goals in the last 9 years. There were instances where I intentionally even avoided relationships because I thought they would come in the way or distract me from doing what I wanted to do. Example : Run a marathon in all the 50 states, 7 continents and soon I will be on my journey to run a marathon in all the countries.

Either way, will have to wait and see where this will lead to. If nothing this will  be a good data driven social experiment or will keep my family occupied or quiet for sometime.

One of my family member said "Sandy, you seem to be a goal oriented person, may be marriage should also be your goal". I was like "yes I have my vision 2020 or vision 2021" set implying jokingly I might get hitched in 2020 or 2021. 

One of my other family members said "Hey sandy I am not sure if your wedding celebration will be longer or your WhatsApp messages" for which I replied "Obviously my messages". My family even knows I talk too much and write too much even in WhatsApp messages.

My brown family cracks me up so much. I love  my family and I am where I am because they keep me humble and honest with their  quirky way of giving feedback.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Things I Did In My 20's

Today marks the day I landed on the land of opportunities 9 years back. What did I do in these last 8.5 years during my 20's ? Since the Internet is obsessed with list of things you should do by age 30. I wrote the list of things I did ;)

I ran, I traveled, I hustled, I hiked, I dabbled in many things

A quick recap on some of the accomplishments I can remember

  • Ran a marathon in 6 continents* 
  • Ran a marathon in 42+ states*
  • Ran a sub 3:19 marathon*
  • Ran Ragnar Relays in DC twice and in California
  • Traveled to  6 continents *
  • Visited 3 wonders of the world* 
  • Visited 9+ countries* 
  • Lived in a foreign country 
  • Lived in the east coast, west coast of USA. Moved to San Francisco
  • Visted my Great Grand parents houses
  • Took my dad to the sacred temples he wanted to see.
  • Visited Mahatma Gandhi's Birth Place.
  • Worked in Corporate America and Startup America
  • Incorporated 2 companies 
  • Summited Kilimanjaro the highest point in Africa.
  • Summited few 14’ers : Pikes Peak, Mount Shasta
  • Summited few other mountains.
    • Mount Gordon lyons, Wolverine Peak -  Anchorage, Alaska 
    • Mount Sentinel - Missoula, Montana
    • Mount Monadnock - Keene, New Hampshire 
    • Mount Tam - East  - Mill valley, California
    • Mount Diablo - Danville, California 
    • Mission Peak - Fremont, California 
    • Mount Rendezvous - Jackson Hole, Wyoming
    • Mount Wittenberg - Point Reyes, California
    • many more...
Public Speaking
  • Dabbled in Public speaking through Toastmasters
    • Gave 10 speeches and was awarded Competent Communicator
    • Gave 10+ more speeches and was awarded Advanced Communicator Silver
  • Dabbled in Improv
    • Attended improv classes and graduated from improv 101
  • Did swimming in the pool and got a level of consistently finishing 5 laps without stopping for long.
  • Did bowling 
  • Did skydiving in Northshore of Hawaii
  • Did scuba diving in Great Barrier Reef
  • Did white water rafting in South Fork American River
  • Did kayaking in Point Reyes
  • Did horse riding 
  • Did Ice Skating
  • Did a tough mudder in Napa 
  • Did indoor rock climbing and got upto 5.10d
  • Gave a speech to room of 50+ members 
  • Did blogging 
  • Started writing 
  • Read 25+ books
  • Did improv 
  • Shot a Gun
  • Got comfortable with dogs and took care of Sparky and even ran with him.
  • Experimented with hair styles and beard
  • Did a social experiment with my beard.
  • Have friends from all the 6 continents
  • Have friends from 42+ states
  • cleared off debt twice (my student loans and my sisters wedding)
Education on Paper
  • Got a bachelors degree in computer science 
  • Got masters degree in computer science 
*P.S: I did so many things this year after turning 30, those things haven't been included. The above list is all the things I did in my twenty's (20-29)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Experiments With Writing

Writing is one form of my self-expression, my creative outlet. Writing has always been one of my ways to express and self reflect. At times it has been therapeutic for me. It helped me visualize, set goals, achieve and accomplish amazing things.  "Amazing" because if you asked me before I started some of these "things" I wouldn't have had the confidence or the imagination to believe I could achieve and accomplish these things. What exactly are some of these things ? I typically talk about these "things" during my review of the year towards the end of the year 2015, 2013, 2012

These things might be irrelevant in the grand scheme of the things but they are the foundation of my confidence, my  experiences and my learning. Each day I am getting better because of these "things" the things I call goals/dreams/habits. One such thing has been writing.

Writing can mean different things to different people. It could be a way to express ourself, it could be meditative and therapeutic, it could be our love letter to our self (or hate letter to our younger self), it could be the documentation of our legacy, or it could be just random journal which we don't look at it again. For me it  has been a combination of all the above depending on the moment and time. Some people like to keep their writing or goals private and they have valid reasons to do so. For me personally I like to share and truly believe "Sharing is Caring".  There is something magical and powerful that happens when you share your dreams with people of similar interests. You never know who might help you or who you could help and  in the process learn a thing or two. After all isn't life about Learning, Experiences and Giving instead of the Money, Stuff and consumption that we are brainwashed into or conditioned to believe ? I digress.

Coming back to writing it started when I was in college, when I had lot more time to spend on Internet, which back then I thought I was wasting my time but who knew I would stumble on this article one day (October 2, 2007 to be specific I had to look it up)  "Goal Setting : How To Have Whatever You Want* plus Ways To Solve Relationship Problems" which talked about goals, relationship problems and writing. Not sure if the "Relationship Problems"  in the title got my attention or I came to this article after reading the article "How to Know Your Life Purpose", either way, the key take away(s) for me was Writing and I could say goal setting as well as I started setting goals every year since 2010 (guess it took me 3 years after I read these articles for me to actually do it. It makes sense that I could do it only after graduation and when I started trying to be an adult but never got around "being an adult" my hashtags #lol, #omg, #Yolo, #GFY on FB might tell you how adult I am.)

If it took me 3 years to get into the habit of writing down goals and actually accomplishing them, It took me around 7-9 years after I learned about the importance of writing to actually start writing and make it a priority. Don't get me wrong I have been dabbling on writing since 2010 but on and off but nothing with consistency. I did write alot during these years but without any schedule or on a whim. It was not a habit yet.

I am happy to say I got into the habit of writing, atleast I crossed off the 21 days, that should count right ? I started consistently writing since March 31, 2016 (after posting on Facebook on March 28, 2016 about want to write and looking to write with someone). One of my friends pinged me and we started writing since March 31, 2016. Also I think, it helped that I was also experimenting on getting off  of facebook for 30 days during weekdays and if I have  to check, it will be during evening on a Mac which I don't use much relative to the use of my iPhone.

Now coming to the most important part of Why I wanted to write this article in the first place. To share my experiences of what worked for me in trying to get into the habit of writing. It is easily said than done. We have to make conscious choices and have the commitment to follow through.

I guess I will come up with a list of things that worked me. Obviously people like lists and want complex issues to be simplified in bullet points and power points. Here we go...

5 Steps to making writing a habit

  1. Why do you want to write ? : This is the most important step. Getting clarity gives us the motivation and commitment to follow through. Gives us the meaning and reason to NOT give up. This is the most important one.  I am writing because I truly believe I have some good ideas and experiences to share. I believe I have an amazing story and some humble beginnings that some people might relate to and learn a thing or two from my ideas and experiences as I did by reading from people who wrote before or did things I wanted to do before me. I am just a candle passing on the light. My writing is the light atleast that's what I want it to be. As such I am planning to write a book about my journey of finishing a marathon in all the 7 continents (completed) and 50 states (and finished 45 states at the time of this writing).
  2. How badly do you want to write ?: This will come to us if we know and have decent time thinking about "Why do we want to write ?". Once that is clearly and the intensity of how bad do you want it comes from how passionate about you are with why you are writing. If you asked me this question "how badly you want it". May be 
  3. Planning and Preparation : I always believed "Plans may be void but planning is inevitable". Although I have gotten better lately with balancing with last minute and spontaneous planning and preparation to planning and preparing little in advance. I wouldn't say I have mastered it but I am getting better every day. But the key take away here is we have to plan and prepare for it. Things will workout adhocly for  things like : randomly choosing a place to eat, or a place to go or travel. things of least consequence. But for things with life dreams, goals and anything we are passionate about. We need to spend some quality time. We need to sleep on that idea. I am not asking you to go into analysis paralysis which is highly possible to get caught up in the fancy gadgets to write with, tools for productivity, get caught up in the external tools and not focusing on what actually matter. Writing. Just Writing.
    • Sleep well : This has nothing to do with writing, but in general more to do with life and health. Unless we are well rested and have the clarity and freedom of thought, our creativity might suffer or we might not be motivated to write consistently. It will be an uphill battle. I am personally still struggling with this, trying to get more sleep. I am working on it and it is work in progress. But I didn't let the lack of sleep be the excuse NOT to write, although I can tell on the days I have less sleep I write slowly and I am more in my head than in a life. Not sure if this is a correlation or causation but it doesn't matter. Sleep. Take good rest. 6-8 hours is recommended and supported by science. But you pick and choose and let your body tell. If you are not enthusiastic or energetic, you could assume you didn't have good sleep or didn't eat well. Yes eat healthy and nutritious food. 
    • Creating an Environment with less or NO distractions : Facebook, social media, phone notifications have to be avoided as much as possible. I deleted my facebook app from my phone and it helped me alot. I will elaboreate on this in another blog post as it is important and very helpful to address this. I got really good with not spending too much time on facebook and successfully did 30 days without facebook during the weekdays. I didn't go cold turkey but slowly eased into it and happy with the results
    • Creating and sticking to a schedule or routine to follow: Mornings are typically best and recommended  because there is lot of energy in us and help us plan and prepare for the day. There is lot of science and spiritual reasons that support and encourage writing first thing in the morning. You can pick and choose on the time you want to consistently write. Dabble and experiment with the times. Some people like to write the first thing in the morning and there are many successful people who highly recommend writing first thing in the morning. MorningPages is was the result of that. There are also many books written on the power of writing first thing in the morning. For me it is tough because I go for running first thing in the morning and I couldn't really choose between running and writing but for now I gave priority for running and I write every weekday at 8a.m immediately after my run and breakfast
    • Have the tools that will help you keep up the schedule : I use Focus Writer on my Mac to write, you can choose whatever tool works for you. Don't spend too much time on the tools. Focus writer is donation based which I like as I get to pay what I like. I love products that are donation based which I end up paying more than i typically pay or even avoid software because of the psychology of paying. I really liked too but the fact that I had to pay $5 a month didn't draw me much. I mean $5 is nothing, less than the cost of one burrito which I eat alot and I really liked writing on it as well but the cost and the lack of a mobile app were some of my excuses that didn't make me take the jump to spend money on paying for a writing software. Again that's just my frugal or cheap opinion, however you want to look at it.
  4.  Have an Accountability Partner : Unless you are self disciplined, I highly recommend an accountability partner. I do well when I am in groups, could be I am extroverted or I need people for my energy. It doesn't matter if you are extroverted or introverted. What matters is sticking to the schedule and writing every day. If you can write by yourself great. If not have someone who is also interested in writing or join a writing club where everyone meets and writes for certain time everyday. For me I tried writing clubs but the chore and logistics of actually getting to the writing club was distracting and daunting and coming in the way of my motivation to write. So I started writing on my own and have a friend, we both write at exactly 8a.m Pacific time. We both support each other or ping each other to keep us accountable. It has worked wonders for me so far. Even if you can't find someone to write with you, find something or someone that will keep you accountable.
  5. Measure and Track the Progress : Although I perceived writing is for the right brain and the artsy fartsy folks, it doesn't need to be that way. Especially measuring and tracking progress gives a sense of accomplishment. So everyday I use to count how many number of words I wrote. Typically I write for a minimum of 25 minutes and sometimes more. Although I sometimes force myself to start at 25 minutes as I want to have a benchmark of how much I am writing and how fast I am writing. Do these matter ? Not really and depending on who you ask. I look at writing more as a correlation to being in flow. Because when I am in flow I wrote close to 2000 words in 25-30 minutes and some times I just write 500 words. But on average I write atleast 750 words in 25-30 minutes. Sorry this article is more than 750 words :(
  6. Just Write : All of the above only matters. If you actually write. Just Write. Do It. Just write and you will be happy and create meaning in our busy day to day life. Just write. Will you ?
So all in all  being passionate about sharing my ideas and experiences through writing a book, badly wanting to consistently write because I wanted to do it since 2010 but finally made it a priority, getting off facebook, writing everyday at 8a.m, having a friend to keep me accountable, having tools like focuswriter, worcounter and others to measure and track progress helped me accomplish my 30 days of writing and gave a foundation to consistently write.   I am no expert these are all the lessons I learned from my experiences and dabbling with "things". Happy to share. Sharing is Caring. I do care about the people and the society around me. I truly believe this world is a better place because I am here. I would like to share more of my experiences and ideas on Why and How I am making this world a better place. More to follow. Sorry for such a long winded post and Thank you for spending your valuable time if you made it this far (I am sure my grandkid who I am partially writing for might not be this patient to read these long articles, he will be like "Yo GrandPa, WTF are you talking about Yo ? keep it simple and short, I got no time for your long a$$ essays :)

P.S : This is not my first experiment and won't be last. I did write consistently for 30 days in November 2015 with a group of people and I improvised based on the lessons I learnt on what I could improve to consistently write and remove an barriers for me to write consistently. I think I am there right now.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Which is Best Business Checking Bank Account ? (Atleast in SanFrancisco)

The classic answer. It depends.

What does it depend on ?

  • - Fee Structure : Monthly fees
  • - Transactions Limit
  • - physical locations 
  • - New potential customer support or service
  • - the time and paper work it takes to open an account 
  • - Interest rates etc

You can't manage what you don't measure. Cash flow and keeping track of Cash flow is an important part of managing and measuring progress of our financial growth a.k.a money. Similar to doing personal finances - setting up your business accounts is the first immediate step for any business after incorporation.

It can be a daunting task and I would like to share my experiences in the hope to save some of your pain in trying to identify the bank accounts  

Assumptions being made : You live in and around SF Bay Area.

I have two companies. My product company Lyfe, Inc (Delaware Incorporated) and professional services company WebileApps LLC (California Incorporated) 

Depending on where you are incorporated and how you are incorporated (C Corp or LLC or LLC elected as C Corp) the paper work and procedure changes. I heard Deleware and Montana don't have or allow online verification of incorporation which makes it a pain - meaning it will be a manual process and you should be leaped to print or scan the paper work to be sent to the banks for verification, which means it will take couple of days to a week instead of few hours to a day to open the business checking account.

For our product company we went with SVB as they have a good reputation and I had a good experience directly working with the VP of early stage startups. If you need an intro let me know and I can connect you with him. 

For the services company I went with Chase and I got everything done in less than 2 hours. Firstly there is a physical branch just couple of blocks from where I live, so I walked in, sat with the manager in the branch, provided him the documentation and got everything done in less than 2 hours. I also got the monthly fees waived for the first 6 months. 
  • SVB
  • Chase

The other popular options and I did reach out to most in the list below but relatively had a sub par customer service experience with them or didn't like their fee structure.
  • Square 1 Financial
  • First Republic
  • Comerica
  • Bridge Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Bank Of America
  • City National

Feel free to share your experiences.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

No One Gives a Fuck About Your Feelings Bro

Sometimes I criticize myself too hard that I forget how long I have come. Yes I am grateful and thankful for all the things I have. I live in one of the best cities in the world. I am able to travel and run around the world. I am able to work on my entrepreneurial dreams. Seems simple and easy. But what I and most people going through similar feelings forget is, how we got here and what we have gone through to get here and stay here. Yes we don't want to focus on the drama yet it is how we deal with the drama is what makes all the difference.

I don't credit myself enough for all the sacrifices I made to get here. These might not be the greatest sacrifices and might pale in comparison to the things that kids go through in developing countries like India, Africa and other countries but they are still sacrifices. They were sacrifices I made when I was very young and had to stand up for myself.

I haven't been an obedient son always and I still I am not but if there are few things  I feel good about myself, they would be 
  • I paid for my sisters wedding  just to see my dad happy.  (this is quiet common for Indian sons who are "settled" meaning have a good paying job to take the responsibilities of the dad, so this is not anything special of me, most of my cousin, uncles and most people do it, I thought it came little early for me but no big deal). By the time I got out of college, I was in deep debt because of my student loans and with the help of my cousins I was able to keep the debt under control without hefty interest rates. I was very focused to clear off my debt, staying in places which were less than 100 sq ft, controlling my young urges NOT to buy that flashy Audi S4 which I was crazy about. Till today I don't have a car. With focus and persistence I almost paid off my debt only to be given the News my sister was getting married. Weddings in India are a big deal and an expensive deal. I took loans to pay for my sisters wedding just to keep my dad happy and stress free. I respect my dad for all the sacrifices he made to send me to a boarding school while he was going through a lot in his own life making sacrifices personally and professionally. I thought this was my pay back time. But my pay back time came very early when I was young and had no clue of what responsibility meant. But I took the responsibility. 
  • One other thing I feel good about myself is I take care of the well being of my MOM. I take care of her financially. Most people in my family might not agree or value this and they might think "You calling her, talking to her is more important than just paying for her care, hospital bill and expenses". I agree and they are right. The survival needs pale in comparison to the emotional needs of a human being. Unfortunately I am not emotionally intelligent or mature enough to take care of my moms emotional needs yet. Even taking care of moms survival needs were tough for me and it came very early but I thought that is something I might be able to take care and rightfully I did.  Again this is nothing special of me, most good sons in India take care of their parents and family. It is in DNA of India, family comes first.

Why do I mention these sacrifices ? For me to live a life of freedom I had to challenge the status quo. It is not easy. Challenging the 9-5 job lifestyle, challenging the "have a good job, good car, get married, buy a house and have kids" lifestyle. I had to go against the conventional wisdom and it comes with a price. Sometimes it feels like you are alone on this journey. There are days when you don't know where your next dollar is coming from or how you will be able to survive. You look at things to cutdown and costs to cutdown and there is only so much you can cut down on. Also if you look at some of the things objectively and from a pure financial perspective, some things might sound crazy. I spent lot of money on rent/housing which might be typical but I also spent lot of money on my travel and taking care of my mom which is not typical. It might be easy to say you made certain life choices and you have to deal with it. People or my critical brain could say "No one asked you to travel. The money you spent on travel could have been saved or invested or spent on something that could come in handy for emergency and you don't need to make sacrifices. 

Then comes the question am I living my life ? the life I want to live, the life I am passionate about. Am I living life or just existing ? Am I alive but dead ? Am I the walking dead ? Am I sleep walking?


Either way I made my choices to live minimally, to live against the status quo and will own my choice and life but acknowledge the fact that not many people including my critical brain give a fuck about my feelings or the sacrifices I made or they might pale in comparison to the sacrifices that most people make. They don't need to. I am living this life for me, not for my critical left brain or the people who don't give a fuck about my feelings or sacrifices.Yet they are my sacrifices and they are part of my journey called Lyfe (Living Young and Free Eternally).

Friday, February 26, 2016

Another Crazy and Ridiculous Adventure in New Orleans

Something crazy happens whenever I am in New Orleans.  Last time  I was here I lost my wallet and didn't have a penny but needed to survive for 4 days. But I figured out a way.  This time the phone got stuck in a crack of the window, ringing, waking all of us up at 5:15a.m and we can't get the phone out. Simple Charging a phone turns into a 7hour drama.

I set an alarm to wake up at 5:15a.m  to go for a workout at 6a.m with the local November Project chapter in New Orleans. The alarm starts ringing and buzzing. I was trying to reach the phone and because of the buzzing and me trying to reach the phone, somehow the phone fell into a crack. Now the drama begins.

The alarm is still ringing, which is waking up everyone. Yeah I am in the hostel in a 12 person dorm. So I try to take it and try everything with the little visibility I have, obviously because it was early in the morning and no one sleeps with lights on and hey I just woke up, I mean I f'ing literally woke up. So one of the dorm-mate comes to help. For one he wants to f'ing get some sleep and two he seemed to a good caring human looking out for fellow dorm-mate. We both try all the things we could for almost 45 minutes. Then my dorm mate says I think we should just go to sleep an figure this out in the morning. Thank God, the phone doesn't ring unendingly, if it does we would have gone crazy. At least we went to sleep.

Although I couldn't sleep and my brain started going crazy with many questions like
  • Why does this happen to me always ? (It reminded me of the crazy thing that happened to me last time I was in New orleans. Although this wasn't as bad as the last one.) 
  • Is this a pattern, Is this an omen telling me something ? telling me to do something to get unstuck ? 
All crazy thoughts and then I said to myself I need to get some sleep and I luckily dozed off telling myself sometimes all you need to do is wait for the right time.

Yes the right time came and it was around 8a.m when I could see some light and I immediately went to the front desk of the hostel and had to wait for the front desk person to check in others. I see my dorm-mate again and we both laugh looking at each other. He says "this is simply ridiculous, who would ever expect for such a thing to happen" for which all I could say was "Exactly". Yes no one would go for charging a phone only to think it will fall into this crack, wide enough for your sleek iPhone to slip into because of the alarm buzz. It can only go in but we can't take it out.  I was also telling him how do I even explain it to her what just happened ?

Anyways I get the chance to talk to the girl at the front desk and I tell her "I have a situation". I try to explain her as much as I can for her to understand because for such a ridiculous thing, you only have to see it to believe it but I did my best and I think she got it. I said may be a handyman could help us with "this situation". She said "Yeah he is not here yet but I will him let him know". I still stood there and I think she was expecting me to leave and said "I will let you know when I hear from him", implying "Yeah I got it and you can go now". In that state of mind I couldn't go but I didn't want to be annoying in her face and left saying "I will sit in this lobby or will be in my room 9".

I go back to my room do some productive things like sending emails to folks about my app etc trying to get my mind off this ridiculousness. Then the front desk lady comes to check in few more folks and give them a tour of the room 9. Then she sees the ridiculousness and now she got how ridiculous it was and she said "I am sorry this happened" and all I could do was laugh. But atleast I am glad she saw it and now knows we really need the help of the handyman. And I think she called the handyman again. Luckily he showed up just few minutes after she left.

The handyman shows up, looked at it and said something along the lines of "What the F....." and said "I will get my tools and see what we can do"

So he comes back with the tools and we try different things. There is not much I could do as he was already trying everything he can with this tools. I thought to myself I need to record this ridiculousness. Although I couldn't capture it well, this is what we had to go through.

Looking back, this "situation" isn't as crazy as my last one where I had to figure out a way to survive for 4 days and I had to figure that out all by myself and I did it. This time I can see the phone, it is right there but I couldn't do much or didn't have the tools but luckily I could find someone who has the tools. Again I figured out a way :) I guess adventures like these are part of the experience of traveling.

It also reminded me of the 127 hours movie but this time we had to wait for 7 hours and not 127 hrs. Thank God...