Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year In Review - 2015

2015 - The Year of Doing. Yes it's been an amazing year.  Year with lot of outdoor activity, surprises, adventures and everything in between.

I am finally starting to DO something with my life and I can clearly see it through some of the things I did this year. There are many accomplishments but I will list a few

  • Running 
    • Marathon PR : Ran a Marathon in 3:18:02
    • Ran 11 marathons this year - 9 local along with 2 international - Kilimanjaro Marathon, Sydney Marathon and got close to the journey of finishing a marathon in 50 states and 7 Continents (Currently at 40/50 and 6/7)
  • Traveling
    • Kilimanjaro Trip 
    • Sydney Trip
    • Visited 8 new states  in the U.S for the first time this year while traveling to almost 15+ cities
    • Visited Mount Rushmore Monument
  • Mountaineering 
    • Summited Mt.Kilimanjaro
    • Summited Mt.Shasta
    • Summited Mt.Rendezvous 
  • Camping/Hiking
    • Went on the Lost Coast Trail trip
    • Went for hiking at Muir Woods National Monument
    • Went to camp in Point Reyes  National Seashore
  • Public Speaking
    • Was awarded ACB in Toastmasters
    • Started doing Improv
  • Adventure/Fun
    • White Water Rafting, 
    • Kayaking, 
    • Rock Climbing, 
    • Shooting 
    • Tahoe Tough Mudder, 
    • Ragnar Relay from SF to Napavalley 
  • Entrepreneurship/Creating/Innovating
    • Incorporated my Startup company
  • Food
    • Ate way too much
    • explored lot of new restaurants
    • Went to State Bird Provisions  - 3 star Michelin rated restaurant for the first time
    • Started eating relatively healthy - Frequent visitor to Trader Joe's

Followed the theme "Do one thing that scares the $%&!/+ out of you" to try new things, go out of the comfort zone and did

The First-Time activities this year
  • Scuba dived in Great Barrier Reef
  • Did Whiter Water Rafting in South American River 
  • Did Kayaking near Point Reyes National Seashore
  • Started going to Indoor Rock Climbing and obviously got Belay Certified
  • Shot a Gun
  • Did my first ever Tough Mudder and finished all the hurdles besides the monkey bars
Missed goals
  • Didn't finish the draft of writing the book
  • Couldn't go to Ziplining
  • Still need to get rid of more stuff and bring it down to less than 100 items
  • Still need to finish reading the books I started
  • Lol still single
  • Didn't meet my half marathon time goals in a race
  • Didn't dance as much as I planned to
  • Wasn't Consistent with Yoga/Meditation
Overall a great year, less talking (hmmm not so sure about that) more doing (definitely sure about this)

Looking forward to continuing the "doing" streak in 2016 with the same or even more enthusiasm, curiosity, adventure and spontaneity. 

"All know the way, few actually walk it" ~ BodhiDharma

I am glad I am walking it. (Or running it ;)