Sunday, November 1, 2015

Why Writing ?

Writing always seemed like an outlet where I can hear myself. Hear those deep inner voices which typically get shut down in the business of day to day life, get shutdown by the information overload of the social networks.

Writing feels therapeutic and at times magical taking me places.

Writing was one that was there, when it felt like there was nothing left for me. No job, no money, no girlfriend, nothing.

When I  felt so empty, writing is what filled up my life. Gave me hope. It is the one door that was open for me. One thing that was always there to hear me and helped me get back in touch with myself. Get back to my life priorities.

Writing helped me to be sane and not give up or get lost in the thoughts of despair and disappointment. Disappointment in myself that I could be something but was nothing

I am glad I am taking this time to write because I need to hear myself. I have been losing myself to the world, to the critics, to the naysayers and slowly starting to believe what they had to say.

It is the writing that kept me honest, be vulnerable and get in touch with myself again. It made me understand who I really am and what I really want from this life and how I can be helpful, make others happy while I am happy. Writing is what reminded me of what brings meaning to this life. My life.

For that I thank the creative expression of writing. I thank all my friends who share the same passion to write as me. I am glad I could sit and write and share my deep inner thoughts with myself and the world around me. Thank you.

P.S: Wrote this on Nov1 as part of keeping the "habit of writing" by writing for few minutes everyday in the month of November

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