Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What if all of us are dumb ?

What if all of us are dumb and we can only use sign language to communicate ?

What if robots can judge us ? Too many what-ifs today.

Sometimes I feel like I am talking to AI robots even though I am talking to a completely normal human being. I guess these days even Siri is much better than certain human beings.

I have always had issues trying to understand certain kind of people who are very focused on using the "right" words to convey something. I am definitely the one to mention "words are powerful". But does that mean we all should become a walking dictionaries ? Can the same word mean different things depending on context ? depending on cultures ? depending on the language ?

No wonder we have Urban dictionary which could be considered the "adult" version or non-PC version of words depending on who you talk to.

Also does everyone follow Oxford dictionary as reference ? What does Siri use for its reference.

In my experience I typically tend to lean towards the "intent", reading between the lines, the inner meaning someone is trying to convey and not just the superficial outer "words". You will most often see me saying "What do you mean ?" as I learned it the hard way, not to assume about people especially if you are not sure. 

Yet on the flip side there are some wonderful people who can speak with their eyes and are still effective at communicating.

I tend to be empathetic and know how it feels when someone is trying to "correct" you, as I have been ridiculed, made fun of, just because of my use of words or the words that confused people with a layer of my accent.

Empathy goes a long way. Someone once mentioned  "it doesn't matter what you say or do but how you make others feel is what matters". I agree that to certain extent. I don't think any of my words made others feel miserable (atleast not that I know of) but I am sure it confused them and made them think "WTF is this guy talking about ?". But it definitely made me question my language abilities and yet times depending on my mood consider the other person as being rude or as a jerk.
Wouldn't it be good if we occasionally didn't feel the need to be "right" but can be nice and still politely give them the feedback in person and not ridicule them publicly 

Anyways in this connected world hope we all try to be conscious and hope we get along with others, definitely use the appropriate words to covey our message or evoke the emotion we are trying to. But it also helps to pay attention to the "intent" and not always be a stickler or jerk about it. Aren't we all trying to get along on this pale blue dot


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