Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Language of Unconditional Love

I wonder how would a language of "Unconditional Love" be ? would it have words or just signs ? Or just some sounds. I guess, how it sounds or what words it has doesn't matter much, what matters is what is it trying to convey ?

Today I went on a run with Chanel (the pitbull), it didn't care if I was brown or white, Christian or Hindu, male or female, straight or gay, speaking English or Mandarin. It didn't matter. All "Chanel" cared was was going out on a run from her cage. She was enjoying her freedom. She was fast and a great running partner. She was little scared to see the outside world but was happy to go outside of the cage in those close doors and what I can only assume is she trusted me to take care of her and NOT abuse her or leave her as a stray dog which she has experienced in the past. Today's experience touched me.

If only we human beings can speak the language of the "Unconditional Love"
like these dogs and not judge others or discriminate others. If only if we can coexist and spread the joy like these l dogs do to us. 

I am not sure how much comfort I gave to Chanel but Chanel changed my stereotypical thinking about "pitbulls" and made me think more about Paris, Beirut, Syria, Baghdad and all the places in the world where the human thinking has been distracted and the hate has taken the place of LOVE.

We can learn more from these pups to share "unconditional love". Spread the Love.

I am very happy that we have organizations like Family Dog Resuce which make this happen. I was very happy to run with Chanel today and miss her and felt bad when she didn't want to go into the cage again. Chanel I wish I could take you home and give you the freedom you need but I am praying and hoping it will happen soon. Will miss you.

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