Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Not Giving a Fuck

To all the challenges and naysayers. Is that what the modern linguists call "Perseverance"

There seems to be a fine line between being cocky and confident. It's an art, may be science. What ever it is I have been perceived to be on the cocky side all the while I was thinking I am confident.

My intent is to be confident in my effort and build the skills and abilities and make progress in what I am trying to accomplish. Sometimes when you stand up for something people can take it as being cocky. Anyways I am still learning the verbal and non-verbal cues of not coming across as cocky as that's not my intent but hey there will be a saturation point for everything after which the mode might be "Fuck It" mode. You be You is what I tell myself but with all the humbleness and confidence.

Confidence is sexy. Confidence changes lives, makes a difference in this world. It is something that most of us need in our lives.

I believe confidence comes with self awareness, knowing why we are doing something and what we want from this life. It comes from self awareness and self acceptance. It comes from loving ourself.

I understand it is easily said than done and I have many examples in my life how hard it is to be confident when the world is falling part. I am not saying don't be vulnerable or pretend. If we are, then we are lying to ourself. Confidence comes with integrity and honesty. 

Integrity is doing what you said and Honesty is saying what you did.

Confidence comes with perseverance. The will to persevere and not give a fuck about the challenges we come across. Not give a fuck about naysayers and energy suckers. It is hard. It is hard to identify these fuckers who suck the confidence out of you. They might be in the disguise of a friend, a close relationship etc in multitude of roles. The goal is to ask ourself "Why do I entertain such behavior ?" "Do I need this in my life ?" It is time to confront the situation, deal with it. Sometimes time will heal things but if it is not happening and the energy suck is still happening. It is time to deal with it. It might not be beautiful and confronting could be ugly. But atleast you will know if you have space for this person or his/her bull shit.

It is not what happens to us that matters  but how we react and handle a situation is what matters. 

Yes it is hard not to give a fuck about people and things that we might care or don't care but we can't play the role of a victim. This is our life and we are the creators of our destiny. We are RESPONSIBLE for our lives. Besides things that you are born into or born with everything can be changed, even how we perceive what we are born into or born with can be changed.

Time to take responsibility. Persevere a.k.a Don't give a fuck. Be confident. This world needs more confident people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world. Confident doesn't mean we are not scared or vulnerable. It means besides all our fears and insecurities we keep moving. We persevere. Hello to the other side. The confident side of you. Now enjoy some Adele ;)

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