Monday, November 23, 2015

Movies - To Explore and Be Entertained

Movies are one of my favorite pastimes. They also can take you to a different world or help us connect with the characters on the screen. The movies could entertain or help us explore or it could just be spending time with our favorite people.

Although I need to check myself as I tend to binge watch movies especially on Netflix.

Based on my Netflix history, it seems I finished watching atleast 48+ movies, complete all seasons and episodes of 4 shows in 2015. 

The 4 shows being 
- Breaking Bad
- House of Cards
- Orange Is The New Black
- Master of None 

Some of the movies I watched in 2015 that are worth mentioning 

- I am
- Listen To Your Heart
- Comet 
- Barefoot
- 180 South

Wow too much of Netflix I guess. Also some of the movies I watched are during my trips on the plane. 

For this Christmas I recommend watching this movie :) 

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