Monday, November 2, 2015

Man the Time to Time the Man

Time - an illusion or a reality we need to deal with ? Is it a treasure ? I keep hearing time is money. 

Whatever it is, time is something we deal with in every aspect of our life. 

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years blah blah 

Why do we need time ? Is it one more thing that man created to make him better ? to evolve ? Is it something that He created which is creating him now ?

I guess I might end up with more questions than answers but in my quest and exploration I have come across few people who were discussing or asking some of the same questions and topics.

One of them is Eckhart Tolle. In his book "Power of Now" he mentions time is an illusion. There is no past and no future. There is just now. To help our linear thinking and 2D brain he simplifies some of his topics and calls the time we perceive to be "time" as "calendar time".

Calendar time is something the man created. I guess the calendar time is predominantly overtaking human beings as they are on this time machine or time bomb to "do something". That typical something could go along the lines of  "you are born, you get grades, graduate, get married, have kids" and the cycle could go on. All along this cycle 

-- you could get into student loans/debt, just pass your calendar time not knowing what you are doing or 

-- question your existence to start living, find meaning for this life, create happiness for you and people around you. 

What ever it is we try to go through this cycle with reference to calendar time. One of the metric for calendar time is age.

So we try to graduate by age x, get married by age y, have kids by age z, and try to keep living beyond the age infinity 

For me the calendar time has always been tricky and kind of a pain as I can hardly keep track of it. Some people think that's rude and that you  don't respect others or value their calendar time. I sometimes rationalize it as "freedom". 

Freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want and if possible and preferably with whom you want to.

But unfortunately our 2D brains haven't evolved to that state yet so we need a metric that we all agree upon, otherwise it could be a cluster fuck dyspotian world.

So until then I will try to balance my freedom with the cultural norms and expectations of being on time.

Hopefully I won't become the slave of the calendar time in the process of going through the cycle.

Hopefully I will be able to "Man the Time to time the Man" ;) 

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