Saturday, November 14, 2015

Is Winning Everything ?

I keep asking myself that question repeatedly ? Also what does Winning mean ? Can you be Winning if you didn't "Win" ?

Yeah I know more questions than answers and my life has been exploring the answers. I wouldn't say found answers to all of them but I made progress on few and in the direction of finding answers.

Let's say I wanted to finish a marathon under 3:05 but I cramp and finish at around 3:28. Does that mean I didn't win ? 

The way I look at winning is making progress, yes I technically might not have "won" the race by running under 2:03 to be the winner of the marathon. I didn't even finish the marathon in the time goal I set myself. So did I not win ? Dependid on who you ask ? If you ask my "Always pushing and A-type brain". Yes I didn't win or I failed but the reality is "I am not a couch potato", I am not a slow runner.

I finished the race and I finished the race under 3:30. The fact that less than 1% run a marathon in this world and the fact that I might be in the top 0.5 % of the fastest runners in the world gives me perspective. I might not have won the race but I think I am winning at life. I am winning at making progress towards my goal. Is it enough ? May be not but I think it is even worse if we don't move forward and rice up because of the thought process of "I won't win, why even try ? What's the point ?"

Winning doesn't necessary need to be this crow cheering , applauding and being recognized by everyone. It could be the silent voice saying "Glad you didn't give up, glad you finished besides all the challenges."

But is winning everything ? Sometimes people do what ever it takes to "win" even if it means compromising their principles, values or beliefs. Is "winning" that important ? Should you try to please the crowd or stick to your principles even that means you won't win ?

I have come to admire people and politicians who challenge the status quo but might not be the "winning" candidates..

But they play a very important role in  making people think differently, challenging the existing beliefs and even setting the tone for future generations. . They are catalysts of human thinking and progress. But do they win ? May be not as our "herd" mentality might not be ready for this new type of thinking and this new ideology. New ideas need some time and it takes a different mind set to get into this new type of thinking. Also these people believe in what they say and live a life of integrity. They don't say because it gets them recognition or it makes them win. They redefine "winning". From my perspective they are "Winning" at life and even challenge us to ask the question "Is winning everything ?" Also in relationships you might think you have won the argument or made your point, but did you really "win" that person ? Is Winning everything ? Did your winning argument make that relationship better ? which reminds me of the song "Am I wrong ?" where the lyrics  goes 

"If you tell me I'm wrong, I don't wanna be right"

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