Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hero To Zero - Zero To Hero

In this world of social media and many apps and platforms to express feelings and opinions, everyone and anyone can do it. While that is amazing and opens up lots of possibilities, it also opens up lot of casual and reckless comments. Meaning every Tom, Dick and Harry has an opinion even if they have no clue what they are talking about.

Hence we now have new hashtag memes like #ThanksObama. People blaming Obama for everything as they have no clue what is the cause of the issue and they need a scape goat.

My toaster is not working. Thanks Obama

It is too hot today. Thanks Obama.

In this New Internet Age. It is very easy and doesn't take much time for someone to become a zero from Hero. The fame and all the credibility can easily vanish.  The tables can turn every quickly.

Why ? Because not many have the time to research or make informed decisions and they rely on media which could twist and highlight things for TRP ratings and other publicity and attention tactics.

This reminds me of the following 

Also today I came across another issue where a famous celebrity from India, a movie super star from Bollywood  known for his involvement in social causes through his movies and has been known far talking and standing up for social causes has expressed how he and wife felt about incidents happening in the recent past and the media blew up criticizing him and unfortunately well educated folks also fall for the media trap and make the "Hero" a "Zero". 

When in fact he said everything to unite 
India, the media reported it otherwise.

You can watch the video for yourself. The media  criticized him for being unpatriotic, creating fear in community and not greateful for his fans, which is definitely not the case. Seems Not many people even watched this video and went on a troll based on media frenzy. 

In this world of social media noise, it is hard to hear the music and it is our responsibility to be well informed citizens 

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