Friday, November 27, 2015


I am thankful and glad to have so many friends. People who were once strangers now have become friends. I meet many through my running, traveling and through my active lifestyle.

I am lucky to have them in my life and today I get to spend some more time with few of them. Yesterday I spent time with my family at the thanksgiving dinner. Today I spent lot of time with my friends, eating, laughing and just being silly.

We might be born to our parents or born into a family but luckily we can choose our friends. I met most of my friends through social activities. Be it my running adventures or travel adventures or activities I am into. Activities like Public speaking, improv, writing, startup events, hiking, workout in the nature. Meaning I make friends doing things I love.

I am glad I am still able to make time to meet people in person. In this noisy world of Internet and Social Media it could become increasingly difficult or unusual for people to take time to spend time with friends in person. It wouldn't surprise me if people have thousands of friends, followers or connections on the social media but very few to talk to or share their life moments in person leading them to boredom, loneliness and depression.

It is very important we take time to spend time with our friends. Also with increasing trend of people living in different parts of the world and away from family, friends are the one we rely on most. If it is hard to get to the family thanksgiving, we can now organize friendsgiving. Luckily I have few of my cousins who live close to me and I was able to attend the family thanksgiving dinner. Although friendsgiving is even more fun where we get our own food and satisfy our fantasies and food guilty pleasures of nutella and queso dip while talking about silly and weird strories from Reddit AMA, who knew there are men with two dicks and women with two vaginas. Anyways I digress ;)

Having friends to talk to, share your life is a great blessing and gift and I am lucky to have them to share my life with.

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