Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fasting For Healthy Life

I was reading this article "50 ways happier and healthier and more successful people live on their own terms" and one of the way was "fasting one day a week to live a healthy life". That gave me an idea of "why not fast during thanksgiving when everyone is stuffing themselves with food in the name of Thanksgiving."

I thought let's see how this experiment goes 

Also I was touched and moved by recent incidents of terrorism which leads to unfortunate things like kids becoming orphans, kids living without food, water or shelter. Very unfortunate.

I am here in San Francisco one of the best cities in the world, living my life in the great company of amazing friends, not worrying about when I am going to die or get killed. I would say  my life is relatively good. Meaning my basic needs of food, water, shelter are met. I wanted to challenge myself and said to myself "what if I don't eat or drink even a single drop of water for a day"

So I strategically ;)  planned my experiment to NOT miss my thanksgiving dinner. Strategic as I didn't want to be the party pooper at my family's thanksgiving dinner and be that douchebag saying "I am fasting and I can't eat". So to go on with my adhoc experiment and challenge to myself I decided to start the fasting starting today and for the next 24 hours. Let's see how it goes. I also plan to donate to a children's  charity the amount I would have spent on eating for that day. I know it might not be much but it is something. My biggest take away from this experiment is to find out 

- how can fasting be helpful and also 
- how do kids and people pushed into unfortunate situations cope with it and survive.

I am very thankful I am alive, can afford to eat and drink and have a roof on my head. This is my empathetic attempt and an experiment and challenge to myself for being healthy.


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