Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dick for the Perfectionist and Tick for the Progressor

How far did the perfectionist "Dick" go ? Not far. But the Progressor "Tick" went the extra mile.

For me making progress is very important and I let progress do the the talking. Not the perfectionist, not my excuses-brain or over-analyzing brain.

Why do I say that ? Sometimes  I tend to think too much and end up not doing much. You could call it analysis paralysis or lazy AF or excuses for life. What ever you call it the bottom line is : not much gets done.

For example : yesterday I didn't have many ideas and I have been thinking about what to write and having too much pressure on myself to write something that's interesting and meaningful 

I guess sometimes thinking out loud could be interesting and may be something meaningful might come out of it. From the noise and vagueness might come the music and clarity.

I like the free flow of writing instead of worrying too much about the result. In life I accomplished lot of things just because I got started. Although relentless follow ups is also key to finishing what you started. I always keep telling myself and my friends and the team I work I with.

"Progress is more important than the process"

Even besides knowing all this my over-thinking brain sometimes comes in the way of progress. So what do you do then ? Remember listen to progress and let progress do the talking.

What is progress ? I call progress as -  getting closer to your goals , making the dreams a reality, making or breaking  something as a habit. In some worlds they call the same thing success.

How do you know you made progress ? The results should validate it and of course I am assuming you have a way to measure and validate the results.

Example : Did I get faster in my runs ? (Ofcourse I did as I recently had a 8 minute PR which was totally surprising)

Am I making progress towards running a marathon in my 50 states and 7 continents. Yes almost there 1 more continent and 12 more states to go.

Am I making progress towards making writing a habit ? I would like to think so. I wrote without missing for atleast 5 days although the perfectionist in me or the excuses I keep telling myself, need work.

For now I will be conscious of the perfectionist in me and try to make progress besides him.

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