Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why don't we do what we want to do ?

Lately I have been questioning about my desire and will to get things done. I have many ambitious and lofty goals but I don't see myself putting in the effort required by it and in turn not achieving them in the time I want or totally ignoring them making them a lip service goals. 

Do I really want to achieve these goals or do I like the "idea" of achieving these goals ?

If I do really want to achieve these why I am not doing them now ? Why am I just letting the time pass by ?

I came across these articles on Procrastination  and Escapism which gave me some perspective. Also reading the book "The One Thing" gave me ideas on how not to stretch myself thin and focus on too many things at a time where you lose motivation and could get disappointed soon of not getting results immediately. I am starting to realize Patience and Focus are some great qualities that will help me along my journey.