Saturday, January 10, 2015

Less Stuff, More Life

This year I plan to make it the "Year of Doing" and in the process planning to eliminate any unnecessary distractions and stuff. The goal is to have less than 100 items including clothes and books which will be heard as I have many of them.

-- clothes and 

-- books are the biggest hoarders of my studio. 

I stopped buying clothes and books. Clothes I get a lot of new swag from my running marathons that I don't feel the need to buy new and I already feel I need to get rid of all my clothes first before I add any new.

Books - I love reading and enjoy the physical  touch of the book, so I used to buy them a lot. But lately I made a decision to NOT buy them. I started going to the library more and I really enjoy spending time in the library.

The challenge has been getting rid of existing clothes and books. Will see how the year goes.

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