Sunday, March 2, 2014

How Will You Measure Your Life ?

On my way back from the India trip, I was waiting to board the flight to the states and had some calendar time to pass.

What did I do ? Just made my way to the book store. There were so many interesting books and I finally made the call on a book which was titled

- Finding Fullfillment Using Lessons From Some of the  World's Greatest Businesses
 by Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth & Karren Dillon

It is a good book and helped pass some good time while posing some interesting questions and making me think

In Summary it talks about 

  • Finding Happiness in Your Career
  • Finding Happiness in Your Relationships 
How Motivation Factors will help you be motivated and love what you do as opposed to the hygiene factors which will get you a good paycheck not necessarily the satisfaction that we all crave for.

Motivation factors a.k.a Motivators 
-- challenging work
-- recognition 
-- responsibility 
-- personal growth

Good Hygiene factors will just stop you from hating your job 

Hygiene factors 
-- status 
-- compensation 
-- job security
-- work conditions 
-- company policies
-- supervisory practices

It focuses on having a deliberate strategy and balancing it with unexpected opportunities. A strategy would be a good intention if you don't allocate the energy and time to execute it.

Strategy is a combination of 

  • Priorities 
  • Balancing plans with opportunities 
  • Allocating your resources 
Deliberate Strategy Vs Emergent Strategy

It asks you to spend more time with family and friends before its too late.

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