Friday, July 20, 2012

Billion Dreams - Yet No Olympic Runners

Why ?

It disappoints me that a country of more than a billion (INDIA) can't create few OLYMPIC runners.

No Olympic Runners from India for 2012 Olympics (except a women runner in 800 mts)

For the ones who are trying there is no support.  Athletes banned for Doping. Did they know they were doped ?

We feel better that things are improving compared to the past.

But is that enough ? given the potential India has and that it could leverage if focused and have people with Vision for Olympics.

Why is that ? Can we do something about it ? Can you help me Change it ?
Follow India's performance @ London Olympics 2012

Update : I just found out after publishing this article that there is ONE that is trying to make us Proud. He is "Ram Singh Yadav" who has qualified for the Marathon @ 2012 London Olympics