Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review - 2012

Year in Review : 2012

  • -- Met some amazing people.
  • -- Ran 8 Full marathons
  • -- Did around 700 miles of training (out of 1000 miles of training goal)
  • -- Placed 2nd in 5k for my age group and won a reward.
  • -- Took up 1 mile a day challenge and accomplished it almost successfully (missed 4 times in total out of 38 consecutive days)
  • -- Set a PR in the marathon
  • -- Connected with some great people.
  • -- Made people Happy.
  • -- Researched and shed light on some great topics. Could connect with people through my topics (and even made them emotional and cry )
  • -- Improved my public speaking skills
  • -- Went against odds and moved on with few ideas which are doing really well.
  • -- Visited 14 states in USA
  • -- Did 12 new things in 12 states.
  • -- Visited 2 new countries( Toronto, Canada and Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil)
  • -- Visited my first wonder of the world (Christ the Redeemer)
  • -- Contributed.
  • -- Experienced and got a glimpse of Grand Canyon (One of the Best times)
  • -- Connected with some good old friends 
  • -- Called and talked with Dad/Mom/Sister more often than the previous years. (Definitely put the effort)
  • -- Spent more time Listening 
  • -- Focused on balancing life.
  • -- Improved upon some good habits 
  • -- Took ACTION, instead of just talking or wishing. Got the Ideas Executed.
  • -- Learned Few dances
  • -- Tried some good food (more than I should actually and got FAT 
Best Moments 
  • -- Rio De Janeiro Trip
  • -- San Francisco Trip
  • -- Las Vegas Trip

Things I Could have done better
  • -- I wish I didn't cramp in so many marathons 
  • -- I wish I qualified for Boston 
  • -- Finish reading books completely instead of starting one after another without completing or finishing the previous one.
  • -- I wish I got the freedom I am looking for.
  • -- I wish I created new sources 
  • -- I wish I wrote more and talked/spoke less
  • -- I wish I had the running partner to motivate and give company.
  • -- I wish I could balance things little better.
  • -- I wish I had more self-discipline and self-control to focus
  • -- I wish I spent less time on FB, email, Skype and more time with people

This list will go on and on.... I better stop here 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bon Jovi - That's my Life

I feel like this right now.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Billion Dreams - Yet No Olympic Runners

Why ?

It disappoints me that a country of more than a billion (INDIA) can't create few OLYMPIC runners.

No Olympic Runners from India for 2012 Olympics (except a women runner in 800 mts)

For the ones who are trying there is no support.  Athletes banned for Doping. Did they know they were doped ?

We feel better that things are improving compared to the past.

But is that enough ? given the potential India has and that it could leverage if focused and have people with Vision for Olympics.

Why is that ? Can we do something about it ? Can you help me Change it ?
Follow India's performance @ London Olympics 2012

Update : I just found out after publishing this article that there is ONE that is trying to make us Proud. He is "Ram Singh Yadav" who has qualified for the Marathon @ 2012 London Olympics

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Art of a Traveler

Good Movie :

Art of the travel is to deviate from ones plans.

Be Open Minded and expect surprises and adapt to the situations.

There will be moments that will happen and test your emotions and how you React to it is what matters.