Tuesday, September 14, 2010

what counts in Life ?

I always ask myself "What is the purpose of my Life ?" Even though i haven't figured out yet, hopefully I will one day. I usually set goals and have a great sense of accomplishment when I achieve them. I review my goals quiet often and lately I have been thinking "Is this What I really want to do/achieve?", how is this adding value or making me happy.

As I have been thinking and questioning myself "What really matters ?" I came across this video which made me feel content and gave me a feeling of achievement/accomplishment. It's almost like I found the treasure as part of my exploration. The following video has influenced my thinking and gave answer to my long-lasting question ?

" What really matters in LIFE ? " - the intangible things (Happiness, Love, ........)

Not Everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted - Albert Einstein

Seems we go after tangible things for measuring almost everything ?

For example : My goals had some tangible things

  1. How much time I ran a marathon ?
  2. How much did I weigh to be in shape ?
  3. How much debt I have to clear off ?
But there is a pattern in all the above tangible things - they are leading me to the ultimate intangible thing - Happiness

  1. why does it matter how much time I ran in ? - Because It makes me happy with a sense of accomplishment
  2. how does it matter how much I weigh or if I am in shape or not ? - Because It makes me happy to look at myself when I am in shape
  3. Why do I have to be debt-free ? - Because it makes me Happy and gives me the financial freedom
May be it's time for me to add this to my goals list .

  1. How much Happy I am ? (if and only I know a way to measure Happiness)

Source : TedTalks

Thanks Chip Conley for helping me answer my questions and thanks for reminding me about the "Maslow's Hierarchy" by quoting them. It's time to concentrate on the peak of the pyramid.