Friday, August 27, 2010

Discipline in different facets of Life

These days I am thinking in terms of the following categories in everything I do. Somehow I came across a book which talks about "Turning Mediocrity into Greatness" and how we need to concentrate on different areas in life.

Following are some of the categories (they can be customized based on our individual preferences, but i felt they were apt as-is

  • Business/ Career
  • Family/ Friends
  • Money/ Finances
  • Recreation/ Fun
  • Health/ Diet/ Exercise
  • Faith/ Spiritual
  • Personal/ Development
So looking at the above categories, I feel I don't have discipline in any of the categories.

I need to proactively do better in the business/career section where i am just letting things happen instead of taking control and making things happen.

I need to make it a habit to reach out my family and even stay connected with the friends from my past while making new relationships/connections.

God, this is where I need utmost discipline. Money, i feel i am just spending what ever I get without saving, convincing my "Living in the Moment" heart while my brain keeps saying "If you listen to your heart, you won't have anything left for future". My heart immediately answers : "Do I look like I care about tomorrow ? I want to live in today.
Anyways I am trying to balance between my heart and the brain as both have their own valid points. Should start taking some cautious measure even here.

I guess I am doing OK here as i am having fun exploring different places as part of my running. This is something i feel good about but which is contradicting the above category of saving. I guess I just need to figure out "having fun while saving". It's an ART and i need to marvel in that art.

I am doing average in this as I am running, even though not disciplined enough and sometimes skipping some runs in a week. I am doing exercise , but still need to be more disciplined. I can't wait to get started on SWIMMING but this stupid lazy a** of mine is not taking control of things and just letting the time pass by. I need to get the car soon to go swimming.

I guess I am keeping myself motivated/inspired by have glances at some of the motivating videos or inspiring stories, but still should make sure I have a regular dosage.

This is another domain where i need to have a great amount of discipline. Ex: I have been finding new books which i desperately want to ready but staying away from them as my heart questioned me asking "Hey stupid what about the pile of books you have which are half-read, you can't start another book and add it to that pile, first finish of the things you started even before you start another one, or else discard those books". I know I can't discard those books as they are really good books so I am making sure I finish reading a book before I start another one.