Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Reading list - Knowledge and Wisdom from the books

I can call and like to call myself a voracious reader as I read and like to read lot of books. But these days I am lacking discipline in completing the books. I am reading so many books simultaneously and at the end not completing even one. Lack of Focus, not good.

Need to FOCUS and start reading another book only after completely reading the previous book. I should also take an oath to not buy new books untill i finish reading the previous books.

Rule of Thumb .
Buy 1 new book, if you finished reading 1 book.
Similary 2 new books if you finished reading 2 books...........................

Finished Books
  • You can Win
  • Attitude is Everything
  • One Night at the Call Center
  • The Alchemist

My Current Reading List
  • Imaging India (on going...a big book)
  • Getting Real (Almost done...)
  • Rework (Incomplete...)
  • Delivering Happiness. (Almost done...)
  • The Tipping Point (Incomplete....)
  • The Outliers (Incomplete...)
  • Web Design Business Kit (Incomplete...)
  • Website Manual (Incomplete...)
  • Web Re-design 2.0 Workflow (Incomplete...)
Eagerly Waiting to Read
  • Good To Great
  • Crush it
  • The four-hour work week

God please give me the discipline to focus and get things done. (finish reading books)

Delivering Happiness

Sorry for my late post, I wanted to write this post long back in June when i was reading the advanced copy of "Delivering Happiness" sent by Tony.

It's a great book to read for everyone/anyone looking to do something Big/Great and feel happy and make others happy.

Two Sides of the Coin

Aren't there two sides for a coin ? Doesn't an issue/statement have two perspectives atleast when two people are involved in a conversation, "Yours" and "Mine". Can we have a dialogue instead of monologue ??

May be all the above things don't make sense to you, please bare with me I will take time to elaborate on that.