Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Winners Vs Losers

People, there are different kinds of them in this world. One such kind is LOSERS. I hate to talk about LOSERS instead of WINNERS but I realized that it is one of the way to stay away from them as I now know who is a LOSER and how they are contagious. May be to appreciate the good we should know what is bad.

I believe "Winners make it happen. Losers let it happen".

Losers :
  1. Don't have dreams or afraid of dreaming big
  2. Let Life just pass by them and they don't care to do anything about it.
  3. play the game "guilt-trip" well.
  4. are pessimists
  5. can be as sarcastic as hell, because all they can do is be sarcastic.
  6. have lot of theories (some dumb enough) to talk about, but nothing in practice
  7. they have lot of opinions on "how others should live their life" while they don't even check what a mess they are living in.
and the best part of them is, they can give "Criticism" that literally doesn't make any sense or is not at all constructive.

I should have found this great article "How to handle Criticism" earlier so that I wouldn't have wasted time thinking about these LOSERS talk.

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