Monday, May 3, 2010

Pain of Discipline or Pain of Regret

These days I have been thinking alot about Pain of Discipline and Pain of Regret. We all might have gone through some form of pain at some point of time in LIFE . But it all comes to the question "Is something worth the pain ?".

But recently I got an answer in the form of a question "Are you facing the pain due to discipline or pain due to regret ?". That question answered a lot of other questions for me.

One great person from whom every runner(for that matter every person bearing the pain of Discipline) should be inspired and motivated by Bart Yasso, the Chief Running Officer of Runners World. He at the age of 54 besides battling with a chronic lyme disease is running his last race on his life list, a 56 mile Comrades Marathon,which is his final goal of running. He confirmed with his Starting Again that it gives immense satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment when bearing the pain of discipline.

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Few Examples : I categorize the pain caused by running, workout etc as "Pain of Discipline" anything that makes us feel satisfied after doing it (ofcourse not while doing it). Growing a big tummy and struggling to carry that tummy(out of shape), slacking off and looking back asking "WTH did I do all this time? can be categorized as "pain of regret" which might have been avoided with some discipline. (Ofcourse even they are learning lessons but hope we don't take much time to learn these lessons).

Now I have this weapon(question) which I can use whenever I am feeling the pain.

Am I facing the pain due to Discipline or regret. If it is due to regret it's time to add some discipline.