Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bribe Fighter - A way to eradicate Corruption that could lead to a Developed India

If you ask "Why has India been a developing country not a developed country for decades ?". One answer that would come from most of the citizens of India is "the system which is corrupt". Of course if the system is corrupt , do you expect people in the system to be honest ? Actually it is interdependent System making people corrupt. Corrupted people in turn taking advantage of the system. I have had this debate for long and feel the system needs a change.

With new reforms(from thoughtful and ofcourse frustrated researchers/reformers/visionaries ) things are changing and there is HOPE to see a DEVELOPED INDIA.

One of such great reformers/innovators are Satindar Mohan Bhagat and Vijay Anand have found a way to combat corruption in India through "Zero Rupee note". While Satindar has come up with this great idea , vijay anand made it a reality through 5th pillar.

Vijay Anand gives examples of how this idea works and the great impact it has created so far. I am glad to see the change.

I feel it's worth contributing to this great cause which gives me the satisfaction that I have contributed towards DEVELOPED INDIA.

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