Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009:Year to Recap, 2010 - New Year for Resolutions

2009 was a good year which happen to finish very quickly but with lot of things still unfinished.

Here is a post written by me for 2009 Resolutions.

As per that article my resolutions were

I feel satisfied that

  • I completed my first marathon race.
  • Started the LeadersAhead website,but still should make active I even had some more other achievements...
  • 3.Got Assistantship(funding) which help me to pay the tution fees on my own.

Things i couldn't or didn't do...

  • Didn't finish the Java certification atleast....(may be that's not my cup of tea)
  • Should have made the website more active.
  • Didn't establish an NPO,but was working in that direction,was thinking of establishing a "Citizen center" a concept of Loksatta and was discussing about all the logistics required for it. Hope to make it happen.
I would like to repeat the goals what i set for the 2008

* Be Determined.
* Set goals and achieve them.
* Make the people around me happy.
* Don't just be ordinary. Keep that little extra effort and achieve the extra-ordinary results.
* Finally which ever year it may be,i should meet my priorities in life this year too.
* I believe in "Keep Living(my Life) rather than just Existing"

and add that i should be more disciplined in achieving my goals.

  • Must make sure that i am keeping that little extra effort to get the extra-ordinary results.
  • Must do well in my last semester of my Masters in Computer Science and graduate as planned.
  • Must get good job and start my career in a good way.
  • Must make sure that i enjoy my career and keep the zeal to learn....and fire to learn burning.....
  • Must be even fit regularly
  • Must finish running the marathon in 4hrs and may be try to qualify for boston marathon and even start swimming.
So according to my 2009 resolutions :

Accomplished :
  • Did well in the last semester of my Masters in Computer Science and graduated as planned.
  • Got a job but yet to start my career in a good way.
  • Yes I am learning alot everyday and I feel i have the zeal to learn and the fire is still burning...
Couldn't Accomplish :
  • Fitness is something I couldn't keep up. Not as fit as I wanted to be and was not going to the gym regularly.
  • Did the Marine Core Marathon , but couldn't finish it in 4 hrs.(didn't qualify for boston).
  • Went for few swimming classes during Spring while I was in school,but didn't continue the swimming.
Resolutions for 2010

  • Finish the CIW professional Certification.
  • Meet the target/goals set for Webile / LeadersAhead and make them successful.
  • Pay off the debts by 05/31/2010
  • Try to get things done to stabilize my career.
  • Try to finish 2-3 marathons in this year. ( Finish the marathon between a time of 3:10 - 4:00)
  • Buy a car.(only after paying off all the debts)
  • Even work towards triathlon (do swimming and cycling along with running...)
  • Be fit and get in shape(BMI 19.9 - 23.6 so my weight should be between 121 - 142 pounds and fat% - below 18%)
  • If possible SB establishment that would even lead to the NPO
Hope to get these things done with discipline and passion.