Thursday, November 19, 2009

Completed the Marine Core Marathon

I am glad that I completed the Marine Core Marathon(first marine core). I guess when it comes to running i have never run the way i intend to run. I am really good at screwing up things. I realized the reasons for the screw up would be desperation or lack of attention and this time they both came together.

My first marathon was Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville , Alabama on December 13,2008 which I finished in 5hrs 12mts which was a disaster due to lack of attention to "clothing on a Marathon day in Winter".

My second marathon : Marine Core Marathon in Washington D.c on October 25,2009 which I finished in 4hrs 49mts which was one more disaster due to my desperation to finish in 4 - 4hrs 15 mts.

Anyways lessons learnt. Hope one day i will make it to the Boston Marathon(3hrs 10mts)

Long way to go from 4hrs 49mts ----> 3hrs 10mts (1hr 39 mts...)

I guess I lack discipline and that inturn is making me lazy....

  • the fact that i didn't even make time to write a blog post.I wanted to do it at so many instances but was lazy enough to not even write one...glad that I am doing it now...and I feel good about it
  • Another thing for running is we build our speed and endurance levels over time with consistency and practice.
  • I lack the discipline to be consistent and continue the practice. It has been almost a month after my marathon and i hardly ran more than 3miles.....

GOD....please put some discipline into my mind... Hope HE will do...and i will be back running and trying to reach my goal, Boston Marathon.

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