Thursday, November 19, 2009

Choices we make in LIFE

I am in a phase of LIFE where I don't know what I want....or I can't decide what I need...

If you asked me the same question "What do you want in your LIFE? " 2-3 years back.

I would have answered "
  • I need some RED Pages in my book of LIFE,
  • I just don't want to die doing nothing,
  • i want to accomplish few things,
  • I need to fulfill the purpose of my LIFE"..........................

If you ask me the same question now " may be i will give you the same answer with lot of confusion". I had the same confusion before but i was confident that I will find answers to atleast few of the questions like

  • "What is the purpose of my life ?"
  • "What do I want in my life ?"
  • "Priorities in Life"................................

But now I am little bit confused that I still didn't find the answers....I am still exploring....

Few of the things I recalled or learned during the exploration are...

"We are the creators of our own DESTINY"
"We should make our own choices and be responsbile for making them"
"Live your life and answer your HEART"

It is in our HANDS...what we want to become or chose to become. We need to make our own choices in life, they may be great or could make our life miserable but at the end we still know "it is we who have made the decision not some one else". We will learn the lesson to not to repeat the same mistake if it was a mistake. But please remember "LISTENING" is a great art. We need to be great Listeners while we make our choices.

  • LISTEN to your HEART first..
  • LISTEN To the well wishers next
  • LISTEN to the WORLD...
  • LISTEN to the HEART at the end....of all these and DECIDE FOR YOURSELF....

In the course of the exploration i have met few people who made me realize few things.

"Few people want us to live their life.........." by this I mean they have a perception about few things and they want us to have the same perception about those things.... this also relates to my previous blog post "Do we need to be a COPY CAT"

I like the quote from "The Alchemist" which exactly says what I am talking about

When someone sees the same people everyday,they wind up becoming part of that person's life. And then they want the person to change. If someone isn't what others want them to be,the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should live their lives but none about his or her own.
I don't know if my perception about those people is wrong(they meant something and I understood something else...) but this is what my perception....taught me.. May be it also relates to my previous post "Never Assume" (which i now call it perception)

I learnt "Perception goes long way...".
But it seems like I have always given a wrong perception of myself to others. or may be I have the wrong perception that " Few people have wrong perception about me". They may be right..I don't know and I just leave the perceptions to the world...and I don't want to have perceptions lol ;-)

Do people need to explicitly mention what they meant and what they will do... Of course we need to express ourselves , but does that mean we need to put out everything ........

Atleast I am a person who believes "Do it and talk about it"........but most of the times I end up "Talking about it and NOT DOING IT....." may be that might be one of the reason "I want to DO it and talk about it"

But before we "DO" things people build thier own perceptions and try to lay guilt-trip on others.

For instance let us suppose "Perception is close to REALITY".

Is there anything wrong being ourself ?
are all people alike ?
Do all people handle the things in the same way ?

I guess not... and I don't want to be a "COPY CAT". I want to listen but do it my own way....and I may take my own time..

Bottom line "We have to make our own choices in LIFE and be responsible for them"

Hope the almighty GOD will guide me to make some WISE choices or some FOOLISH choices, in either I have my lessons learnt...

I like being "LIFE LONG LEARNER"

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