Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do we need to be a copy cat ?

I always used to wonder do we need to be a copy cat ? People tend to always compare with people successful(according to some parameters of their own) and start saying they did some X and they are if you want to that you should also do that X.

I was thinking....there are different routes to a destination.Each one can chose his own according to his choice,passion and dreams. Do all of us need to chose the same path?

I like and admire lot of people...Swami Vivekananda, Mother Teresa,Mahatma Gandhi,Martin Luther King,Nelson mandela.....and recently our Barack Obama.

They are successful in their own terms and contributed alot to this world. I admire them and love to get inspired and motivated by them.

But does that mean I have to do the same things they did..? Don't I have a brain? Can't I think ? Do I not have the ability to analyze/know what suits me....Ok lets assume I went wrong or failed(according to the so called set parameters of being Successful..and fast settling in life).... with my choice.......Are they not lessons....learned... Ok lets say "In few situation we can't afford to take chances..."..But does that mean we should just.....copy and be a photocopy..... If this happens everywhere in the world.......i fear that there will be a world that will come to an end because there are no new ideas or innovations and no creativity..........

Glad is not happening...and people are still innovative,creative,independent and at the same time responsible and can work as a team for a good cause

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