Saturday, December 13, 2008

The chickens are cursing me...

The chickens would be

If you ask me why...? The answer is because "I started killing them..(eating Non-Veg).

I used to eat chicken...from my childhood,but i was so moved by a video which says "If we have heart,we don't eat chicken". After seeing that video i stopped eating chicken for almost 7months..besides lots of criticism and caring..for me.

It says we can't make our living by killing...absolutely true...

But now..I feel " I don't have the heart...and I became cruel".But one part of my heart says.."You stupid,you don't have any other option..and since you are burning lot of calories by running,you should replace those calories which you can do with eating chicken".

I know it is such a mean and selfish reason..that my heart is giving..but i have surrendered myself to that selfish and mean heart ,because..i couldn't bear it.

It's not because of my tongue, I started eating it..but it's because of my body..responding to me and of course because of that cruel,mean and selfish heart...(you can give any adjective..which are not being humane )

But still I am asking the GOD to forgive and teach my selfish heart a lesson or provide situations where i can suppress my selfish heart.

GOD give me the strength to keep myself in control(especially my selfish heart)

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