Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - The year of achievements and require more betterment

I think it's time to just look back and analyze how the YEAR 2008 went. I think it has been quiet a good year.

Let me see what i thought of doing in the year 2008

Post written on January 1 ,2008


* Be Determined.
* Set goals and achieve them.
* Make the people around me happy.
* Don't just be ordinary. Keep that little extra effort and achieve the extra-ordinary results.
* Finally which ever year it may be,i should meet my priorities in life this year too.
* I believe in "Keep Living(my Life) rather than just Existing"


Post written on March 20,2008

Now it's time for me to be more specific....

1. Complete a Marathon race
2. Complete Java and CCNA certifications
3.Build my website and make it active with atleast 50 or more pages.....(I don't want quantity but what I need.So 50 or more quality pages...worth for people to read or look at)
4.Establish the NPO and the NPO website......

I should do it and I will do it.....

God give me the determination to complete them......

I will do it....

so may be when i see of what i did....

I feel satisfied that

  • I completed the marathon race.
  • Started the LeadersAhead website,but still should make active I even had some more other achievements...
  • 3.Got Assistantship(funding) which help me to pay the tution fees on my own.

Things i couldn't or didn't do...

  • Didn't finish the Java certification atleast....(may be that's not my cup of tea)
  • Should have made the website more active.
  • Didn't establish an NPO,but was working in that direction,was thinking of establishing a "Citizen center" a concept of Loksatta and was discussing about all the logistics required for it. Hope to make it happen.

But besides all this i have immense satisfaction,that i became little disciplined.

It's really a great feeling(feeling of satisfaction)

But still my heart says "There is lot more to do"

I do remember "Plans may be void but planning is inevitable".

I think for the New year 2009.

I would like to repeat the goals what i set for the 2008


Be Determined.
* Set goals and achieve them.
* Make the people around me happy.
* Don't just be ordinary. Keep that little extra effort and achieve the extra-ordinary results.
* Finally which ever year it may be,i should meet my priorities in life this year too.
* I believe in "Keep Living(my Life) rather than just Existing"

and add that i should be more disciplined in achieving my goals.

  • Must make sure that i am keeping that little extra effort to get the extra-ordinary results.
  • Must do well in my last semester of my Masters in Computer Science and graduate as planned.
  • Must get good job and start my career in a good way.
  • Must make sure that i enjoy my career and keep the zeal to learn....and fire to learn burning.....
  • Must be even fit regularly
  • Must finish running the marathon in 4hrs and may be try to qualify for boston marathon and even start swimming.
GOD please give me the strength,courage,motivation and inspiration to achieve the goals i have for the next year

and please make sure what ever situation I am and where ever I am ....I still have my foot on the ground and i don't get any weight added on the head (head weight).

Please make sure I am as humble as I am now.

I will do it....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Completed a Marathon,but not the way I intended

I am glad that I completed the Rocket city Marathon,but more than that I am sooooo disappointed that I couldn't finish in the time I intended to finish(4 - 4.5hrs.).

I thought since i finished my first half marathon in 1hr 58mts(on November 8,2008)I could finish the Full Marathon(on December 13,2008) in may be double time+20-30mts = 4- 4.5hrs.

I even ran two 20 milers (20miles,24miles) in 3hrs 59mts and 4hrs 23mts respectively (without having things like gatorade and all that during the trial sessions)and so I thought i would easily finish in 4 - 4.5hrs..and in the worst case within 5hrs.But it took me 5hrs 12 mts...that's really disappointing.

But,the way I finished the Marathon in a very bad time 5hrs 12mts. That was very disappointing for me.

But as usual one part of my heart which supports what ever I do has a reason(excuse) for everything.

It says
"Come on Sandeep,you didn't even know how to dress up when it was cold and you had to pay the price...but you should think that you completed the Marathon which is a good thing.Good that you didn't stop and give kept on moving." That is from the part of my heart which supports me and pushes me in everything.."

But the other part of my heart(critic) which i mostly hear to and try to correct myself(because that part of the heart is harsh and doesn't want any excuses) says
" You don't even know how to dress up for a marathon.Marathon is not just about's much more than that.You need to be mentally fit and even physically you should be able to support yourself.You should be ashamed that you didn't reach your goal in time because of not dressing well. You took care of drinking gatorade..and kept your self hydrating to avoid dehydration.But you are such a dumbo...that you forgot to recognize that this is the month of December and moreover December 13 was with lot of cold wind...and you had to pay the price.....Atleast you should have finished within 4:59:59,but you couldn't...I feel you gave up....I am disappointed with you Sandeep.Anyways...what all i can say is..try to erase that time....and come up with a good finish time.haha lol..and you are thinking to qualify for Boston Marathon.What a funny thought. first know the basics and keep yourself finishing atleast in 4hrs,then you can think of"

I know the critic part of my heart is very harsh at me. Anyways it's part of the game,and it doesn't stop here.We need to keep going and may be it's a lesson for me.

At a point of time i couldn't even breathe and was suffocating(all because of the cold air).. and coughing like hell....and almost about to vomit..and was feeling will i reach the finish line....but glad that i didn't give up... I know the critic part of my heart would be thinking...."What a great excuse...u stupid "

I should take these personal experiences(lessons) into account and give my best next time.Way to go Sandeep...

Better luck next time...keep moving...

Some of the captured moments..

At the half can see how dumb i was, (almost half way 13.1miles).

I think i should have gone to a fashion parade instead of Marathon running with that kind of dressing...(shame on you sandeep)

Idiot good at posing...for think u can do that...instead of Marathon running..(all these comments are from my critic heart)

Finisher's medal front view

Finisher's medal rear view

Finisher's CAP..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The chickens are cursing me...

The chickens would be

If you ask me why...? The answer is because "I started killing them..(eating Non-Veg).

I used to eat chicken...from my childhood,but i was so moved by a video which says "If we have heart,we don't eat chicken". After seeing that video i stopped eating chicken for almost 7months..besides lots of criticism and caring..for me.

It says we can't make our living by killing...absolutely true...

But now..I feel " I don't have the heart...and I became cruel".But one part of my heart says.."You stupid,you don't have any other option..and since you are burning lot of calories by running,you should replace those calories which you can do with eating chicken".

I know it is such a mean and selfish reason..that my heart is giving..but i have surrendered myself to that selfish and mean heart ,because..i couldn't bear it.

It's not because of my tongue, I started eating it..but it's because of my body..responding to me and of course because of that cruel,mean and selfish heart...(you can give any adjective..which are not being humane )

But still I am asking the GOD to forgive and teach my selfish heart a lesson or provide situations where i can suppress my selfish heart.

GOD give me the strength to keep myself in control(especially my selfish heart)

Monday, December 1, 2008

One more step...towards the goal...

I am happy that i am coming near to the goal i have kept for this year.I finished a half marathon in 1hr 58mts 55seconds,my personal best.I accomplished this on November 8. I know it is too late too post,but by this you can know how lazy i have become and i am even feeling bad about the laziness i acquired even to do blogging.. is almost only 2 weeks to go for my goal to be achieved this year.

yes.. i.e FULL marathon. It is on December 13 Saturday at 8:00am. Lets see how i will do. But my goal is to finish it within 4-4.5 hrs...If i can do it in less than 4hrs..that will be really good.. lets see how will i do it.

Some of the memories captured...

The medal i got for completing the race ..

Smile of satisfaction....

He completed....the Half may think....what's great in that.....? If you know his age.....then u will say........OMG........that's really great...His age is just.....sweet...83. He participates in every race that is conducted in Huntsville....May be he will be even at the Rocket City Marathon(26.2 miles) on December 13. Meet you there young man....

I feel proud that i could capture.....his cheerful moments...... Man you are an alot of the younger generation......I feel you are still younger...even at 83

My hero....he is just 14 but he completed in 1hr 30mts....Way to go...

I had the previlege to take a pic with the first place you know in how much time he completed.....? 1hr 7mts.. omg.....Great.