Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Worshipping knowledge

"Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvignam Kurume Deva
Sarva kaala sarvada"

This is a prayer to the leader of the "ganas" (the demi-gods worshipping Lord Shiva).
The purport being:

"Oh Lord with twisted tusk and great body and the one who shines with the brillinance of a crore of suns
Please remove the obstacles in my path
always and in all times"


Hope this Vinayaka Chavithi removes all obstacles on our path and makes all our dreams come true.

We shouldn't be over ambitious in dreaming and make the God come into dilemma...Atleast lets be reasonable in our wishes. :-)

Last year we celebrate Vinayaka chavithi with lots of Hungama and bhakthi...but this year we have college and we didn't even know that today is Vinayaka chavithi,except my family reminded me of that by sending mails......I obviously miss INDIA and Vinayaka chavithi celebrations.... :-( . Anyways where ever I may be and in what ever situation I am He will take care of me....

So for me this year God just........bless me with 2 millin dollars.................just kidding, ohhhhh nooooooo , i don't want my life to be in tensions.....with money more than required comes tensions which are more than required to our life.

This year ,let me reach my goals and make me more determined and scheduled...

On the eve of Vinayaka chavithi,lemme remind me of goals

1. Complete a Marathon race (26.2 miles)
2.Build some quality pages and make my site active(
3.Finish a certification course(Java..)

and above all finish my courses with decent grades.......

So God all these are the wishes which you can grant me easily........of course there will be lot of effort from my side and make sure that.......the obstacles will be removed by you....(I know you will surely do...and I am such a stupid to remind you.....)