Friday, February 1, 2008

Add value to the talks,shouldn't just talk

Ahhhh !! I feel much I think GOD is really great,he is listening to what ever I am speaking. GOD

Just few hours back I was feeling very much bored.....but now I am very much relaxed and feel very excited.

So I came to know the only CONSTANT thing in this world is CHANGE.

My mindset has changed so quickly and now I get the feeling "I can achieve what ever I want to".

May be the reason for the change is I worked on something worth working Which I will talk about in the coming few days.....

But few things really make me feel bad....

I don't know why lot of people just talk for the sake of talking and don't know what they are talking,Why they are talking,How they are talking and for what they are talking?

For example.....If people keep on talking , there will be monotany and its hard to pay interest.
So we will surely not pay attention to them.... So the art is to keep people interesting and never bore them . I don't know whether I am keeping people interested are not..... ;-)
When will I know that when I get the feedback or comments... Hope I will get them

If people are providing lots of of data,I think it is just data and I feel in a world of data it is very important to know which data is important to us or relavent to us.
So we need to provide Some information of value not mere just data.

I came across lots of situations where people can and will talk for hours,but I get a doubt whether they know what they are talking? Does they make any sense.So it's important to know what we are talking and is it of any value? Now While I am writing this post I questioned myself what am I writing and for what am I writing?

hahahaha .Good that I got answers to those questions ,otherwise there would be no meaning to this whole diary.

The answers I got are

  • I am writing about - "Why people talk for just the sake of talking and have no sense in their talks?
  • and I am talking about it because I am sick of hearing to people like them and may be I will take care from such people.

One more interesting thing and funny thing is....some people talk for lot of time and don't make any sense..When I questioned myself I got an answer that "May be they don't what they are talking about?" This is just my answer and may be I got that answer because sometimes even I do that...I talk something when I don't know what to talk and then think after some time "What am I talking".But now I am sure and confident about what I am talking or writing in this post. :-)

So its good to know about what we are talking

Ohhhhh very long post and even I din't think I will be talking this much.....Don't know whether I added value to these talks or made no sense.....Hope I added value because I know what I was talking and for what I am talking and How I talked.... :0)

Hope the God reminds me everday of what I am talking.....God Please take care of me...

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