Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not too late to realize........

I am really happy today that what ever I am writing in this blog is making sense to some people. I could make some people think.

Ok let me say you what am I talking about........

One day while I was online. I got a message saying "Thank YOU"

I thought who was it saying me Thank you........
It was my friend.Being surprised I asked him "why were you saying Thank you to me?"

He said "I read your posts and I was really impressed , the way you wrote your posts..."

He then asked me "Hey I want to communicate well,be fearless in talking....."

The problem he said to me is that, now he is doing job in a Software company where that company expects him to give presentations. He is not doing well and his Project manager is looking very weirdly at him for which my friend felt very bad.

He said to me "I really want to improve my communication....please"

I said "What is your problem?"

He said " I know the content,but when i go on the stage for giving a presentation I get tensed thinking, am I giving it nicely or what other people will think if I am doing it badly...."

Then I said "First don't think about others......Think about yourself......It will take time for you to give it nicely.....But don't stop yourself thinking about criticism and all that.........Just concentrate on the content and keep talking will do good.The people who want to criticize you when you are doing bad....will praise you when you are doing....good".I don't know whether I said the correct thing or not...but thinking like that helped me alot... and I used to give good presentations....and I even got National Level First prize in a Technical paper contest......

To my knowledge there are two problems in not giving a good presentation

1.If you are not aware of what you are talking
Remedy : Be thorough with your content,the content you want to talk on.

2. Fear of the output...I mean fear of critics and fear of "how well I am going to present"
(Most people will have the second problem....
Remedy : Just forget about everyone else.... Think in this way "This is my time,I gonna do well...."

I donno whether these are the correct assumptions or problems faced in a presentation.But to my knowledge I used to face those problems.

Even I had those problems.....and I should admit I still have them.

I think I can talk for hours on general things .But when it comes to any technical presentation. I fumble slightly...

So I think I have the first problem...."I need to be thorough with the content"

I don't think so, I will have the second problem because I like critics and I also believe in "A person is measured by the number of critics he has,the more critics for him,the better he is doing ". Because critics concentrate only things worth concentrating,otherwise they damn care about it.....So if someone is criticizing that means you are of some worth.

Anyway.....this is all my perception.....I don't know to what extent I am right.... :-)

Now let me say something ......We (me and my friend)were together almost 4 years in Engineering. I was almost his benchmate and roommate for an year. He was very close to me even at that time....

I used to talk to him almost everyday....I even used to say "Do like this...Do like that....". You know what was his response,he used to say "Arey.....please don't give lectures...let me enjoy.....". I thought's ok it's upto you.....

He is very good the problem is he was not serious for the things he had to be serious..... He used to take everything jovially........His common word is "Light theesko.......mama....." which means "Take it lite take it easy......".

But now he was saying " I really wasted my engineering time,I should have utilized it....".
I think lot of people get those feeling...for that matter why lot of people...even I get the feeling that I have not utilized my Engineering time properly...

It is always there......Its never too late to realize.....

Now I said to him "Forget about the past....what has happened.Take them as lessons and try to work on the things which are bothering on them until they are solved.
Work smartly......"

He was very happy for talking to me.......I was much more happier that at least he has realized now.

Then I got a feeling that "If we can realize..early it's good and today is not too late to realize.....

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