Saturday, February 9, 2008

Be Logical, Don't be Emotional

Today I came to know that we need to be Logical in doing things rather than being emotional...

Yeah lots of times I think very emotionally.......

But I even knew that we should think practically.....I mean how the things go in practical.

Here I am using the word logical for practical...

I don't know how we can make the theory into practical....

Lot of things are good to think about,but when it comes into practical they don't seem to be achievable.

Ok.....let me not confuse more...Let me give an example of what I am talking

I want to establish a school to provide good education which will atleast contribute a bit for the major problem in India (Illeteracy) and if that problem is addressed , lot of other problems which are the effect of this will also be addressed(to an extent...not wholly).(The reason for establishing school...and all those are in my previous posts)

So when I got that idea to establish the school. I started putting on the paper.I even brought a book which says "how to establish a school and all the information required to establish a school"
But then I got a question in my mind "What should be the name of the school?"

I was in a debate ,but still I didn't come to a conclusion but was thinking that Vivekananda motivated me a lot and he is also an ideal person for the youth.So lets keep the school name with his name.So I thought may be it will be "Vivekananda Institute of Educational Excellency".

I thought we shouldn't just give the bookish knowledge. It should give them the overall development We should teach them "How to live?"..."How to face things?" Lots of practical things to be addressed... It is not just studying .Its learning,playing . Having fun while playing and the children should enjoy learning.

Ok after the name issue is over. Now comes the plan ,untill what class and all then I thought ok let us keep untill 5th class first.

But the key features of the college should be :

A good library
A good play ground
A good computer lab
........ lot more to be added...

Then there comes the issue MONEY. Do I have the money right now?????? NO.....

But should I stop or drop my Idea.????........NO

I thought money shouldn't be a big problem.. Because if we are doing something good lot of peopl will help and we can proceed.....

I also know that some good things take time .We need to be patient.Just wait for the time(our time)

Lot of people said to me "First settle in your life and then think of all this ".

Yeah I knew that i should settle in my life and then only I can do all these things.... But if I am not working on this and thinking of it.. by the time I settle there will be lot other priorities...and I am very much afraid that can I keep up my desire to establish..

Then I will start thinking emotionally and say "If I am committed to establish I will do it come what may". But being practial/logical lots of things will add up(Suppose if I am doing a job,there will be lots of responsiblities for that job I need to do.....Then what about my dream or desire.......????????

God teach me the art of Balancing the life......

Teach me "How to go on with life,fullfilling all our dreams and desires"

But I also know "Life will not be the way ,you want it to be "

But there are people who will say "You are the Creator of your own Destiny"

But all i want to say is...I want to make my dream a reality.

God Please help me in doing that.........

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