Monday, January 21, 2008

Leaders Ahead

I am really happy that i am launching my website LeadersAhead today on the eve of my birthday.

I know it's not that great(professional) now,but even to get that into that shape,i had to strain for so many contionous hard and sleepless hours.

But you know what?

The satisfaction I got after that hard work is invaluable and unexplainable.

May be I even can't get that satisfaction if I have 1million$.
I have the satisfaction that I am doing something useful.

LeadersAhead with the tag line Be a Leader,as the slogan says be a leader in doing things.

This site gives more emphasis on leadership qualities and the major problems India is facing today.It tries to work on all the things which helps in creating LEADERS and making India a DEVELOPED country.

As of now I have recognized the major problems INDIA is facing is

  • Illeteracy
  • Lack of good Health facilities
  • Unemployment
  • Malnutrition

and above all the cynical attitude of the people.

Its my Dream to see INDIA as a developed country .I know it has the potential,but somethings have gone wrong and the attitude of the people has changed.We work on all or most of the things which will make INDIA a DEVELOPED COUNTRY.

Don't know when this dream comes intro reality ??But I will do my best to make my dream come into reality.

I pray the GOD to give me the determination and power to make my dream a reality.

HOPE i will get back to this Diary one day and say"yeah i have made my dream a reality".

Waiting for that day.

P.S : People who have read about my views and have the same dream or want to contribute to make India a developed country. Join us.

Join the LEADERS

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