Friday, January 4, 2008

How to say 'NO' when we can't say 'YES' ?

This question has been boggling my mind from so many days. Many times i got a situation where i wanted to say NO,but i couldn't say it. Because that NO might hurt someone's feelings whom i care about or it might make the other people misunderstand me or something..... which has some bad effect on me.

I recently came to know that saying NO is also a big thing.

There were situations where i was not happy even if i say "NO" or "YES".

How to handle situations like that?

If i say "Yes" to some things i am sacrificing some of my basic principles.

If i say "No" i am hurting few people whom i care about.

So recently there was a clash between "Principles" Vs "Family" .

Not only family my principles are clashing with lots of other things.

Now should i sacrifice my principles??

NO.......i don't think so i can do that because ,I am what i am now because of those principles only.So there is no point in sacrificing them. If i am sacrificing them i am sacrificing myself.

Ok. Now should i stick to my principles?That means i m hurting few people whom i care about and who do care about me.

So what should i do now..............................................?

When i was thinking i got an answer in the form of a question "Why don't you let the people understand your principles?,If they understand them there will not be a clash."

hahahaha. Now there lies the big problem and it raises another question.

"How to communicate effectively and let the people know what you are thinking and don't give scope for mis-understanding?".

So now i am stuck here.How should i make people understand what i am thinking. No two people can think the same. But it is a great art to effectively communicate what do u mean when you say something.

I don't think so i am good at it at this point of time.

So what can i do now?? I am working on it and praying GOD to give me the ability and courage to comminicate effectively and make people understand what i am thinking.

GOD, bless me with the courage to communicate effectively.

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