Monday, January 7, 2008

Health is wealth

I think i need to take care of my health.Especially i need to eat. LoL :-)

Yeah really i need to eat. Before i used to think i should study.But now it's time for me to think "I should eat.

Today i ran 6.5 miles in 1hr 20 mts.I improved alot in the speed. My speed was nearly 5mph.

But i could feel the consequences of the not eating.

I used to run 6 miles in 1.5 hr. My latest best was on the eve of the new year day 6.5 miles in 97mts.

Today i did much better,but i was not feeling well after doing it.I had severe leg pain. I thought "Why is it paining severly today?It never pained for me before"

The reasons i got in my mind was "May be i had a 5 days gap of running and after that gap i should have started slowly.But i started as if my legs are ready for the goal and the other main reason and may be the only reason was i didn't have enough calories to be burnt.But i was burning them.Almost my body got dehydrated.

I really need to take care of myself.

"God give me the power and determination to do things.

Bless me with good health. Without good health i can't do the things you have assigned me to do in this world.So it's your responsibility to keep me in good health."

Hey don't worry sometimes i talk to GOD and He listens to me and gives me what i want.Good God.

"Health is the best Wealth"


Unknown said...

That does not mean you need to eat. Just try to increase the distance slowly instead of 6 miles at a shot. First aim for 2m then 3 and so on. Don't think that you should eat 5 days to run 6 miles on the sixth day.

Leader said...

You completely took me wrong. I didnt mean i should keep eating. What i meant was to say "in order to keep running i need to eat".

"To keep running i want to eat not eat for running".

Anyway for your information i have enough of practise in running and i didn't forget the basics "start slowly".