Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ganesha Symbolism

I learnt alot from Lord Ganesha. The one whom Hindus worship first to start anything.

The great qualities we should inculcate from him are..........

Be a Good Listener. If you can't listen to someone,how can you expect someone to listen to you??

Think Big.
Don't just think Ordinarily.

Concentrate on the minute things.Things that are even atomic. Because atoms form things.Small things form big things.So the concentration must be from the atomic level.

Talk Less.
If you talk less.Those talks will have much importance.Talk Wisely,don't talk all crap and waste your energy.It is said that "Lot of people waste their 95% of the energy talking,that too talking about useless things.

Think Positive.
Take only the good that comes your way.Leave the bad behind

Be Adapatable.
Adapt to any situation.Make it your time.Get accustomed any situation and turn it your way,if it is not your way and do it in a healthy way.

Digest the good and bad.
Get prepared for everything.

Control your Desire.
You should be able to control your desire,not the desire controlling you.

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