Sunday, January 27, 2008

Healthy computing

Today i thought "Lets take some time to take care of ourself".

So as a part of it, I came to know few of the precautions we need to take while computing.

LOL :-)

I was almost laughing while I came to know few precautions,because I don't follow so many of those precautions

It's very bad and I have to take care.

Anyway here are the some of the tips for Healthy computing.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Every Moment is precious

Today i got a feeling, Am i utilizing my time properly? or Am i wasting the time?

When i was waiting for the answer.. I was totally confused and didn't get any answer.......

Then i started calculating.... How many hours are there in a week?
24*7 = 168

So if i am working 20 hrs a week,i am left with 148 hrs.
If I am going to classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:45-6:50.
Lets take I am utilizing 12 hrs more.So I am left with 136 hrs more....
Out of that 136 hrs lets take out 7*8(normal or good hrs to sleep a day)= 56 hrs,So i am left with 80 hrs more...
So i m done with sleeping,studying, what else i am doing.. the rest of the week?
If we take into count eating we can take out hardly 10 hrs the whole week. So i am left with 70 hrs more......
So we need to get ready to go for job or class.......Ahhhh this takes most of my time....Refreshing(shower,nature calls...blah,blah....blah).....7*3=21 hrs
So now I am left with 49hrs........ If I even take out....the 9 hrs.... for miscellaneous things.....

Ohhhh I forgot,the time for my daily walking to college or for my job, it atleast takes me half an hour. So daily 1 hr. So 7*1=7 hrs

I am left with 33 hrs......Ohhhhhhhh God I am wasting 33 hrs a week......

No...that shouldn't be the case.... May be atleast I am wasting atleast 20 hrs.....

So I should work on it.. .. I need to be Scheduled and Organized......


Leaders don't waste time.

Time is very valuable
,we can't get it, once we have lost it.

After few years When we look back we shouldn't feel "What have i done all these years?" Did i do anything worth.....?

Oh God !! never i should get such a feeling in the coming years.

Let me do something worth and utilize my time properly

Monday, January 21, 2008

Leaders Ahead

I am really happy that i am launching my website LeadersAhead today on the eve of my birthday.

I know it's not that great(professional) now,but even to get that into that shape,i had to strain for so many contionous hard and sleepless hours.

But you know what?

The satisfaction I got after that hard work is invaluable and unexplainable.

May be I even can't get that satisfaction if I have 1million$.
I have the satisfaction that I am doing something useful.

LeadersAhead with the tag line Be a Leader,as the slogan says be a leader in doing things.

This site gives more emphasis on leadership qualities and the major problems India is facing today.It tries to work on all the things which helps in creating LEADERS and making India a DEVELOPED country.

As of now I have recognized the major problems INDIA is facing is

  • Illeteracy
  • Lack of good Health facilities
  • Unemployment
  • Malnutrition

and above all the cynical attitude of the people.

Its my Dream to see INDIA as a developed country .I know it has the potential,but somethings have gone wrong and the attitude of the people has changed.We work on all or most of the things which will make INDIA a DEVELOPED COUNTRY.

Don't know when this dream comes intro reality ??But I will do my best to make my dream come into reality.

I pray the GOD to give me the determination and power to make my dream a reality.

HOPE i will get back to this Diary one day and say"yeah i have made my dream a reality".

Waiting for that day.

P.S : People who have read about my views and have the same dream or want to contribute to make India a developed country. Join us.

Join the LEADERS

Leaders speech

On the eve of the Martin Luther King's Day.It is good to hear the Leaders speech.

"I have a DREAM".

A Leader was Born.....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Morning prayer

Today i thought it's good to know the meaning of the prayer i do everyday in the morning.
It's the Gayathri Mantra. I do it everyday,i know it's very good to do it everyday in the morning during the Sunrise (4 a.m -8 a.m) and in the evening during the Sunset (4 p.m-8 p.m) because it's the prayer for praying the almighty SUN GOD.I feel our whole day will be good if we pray it everday and i chant that mantra everyday..But it's even good to know the meaning of the prayer we are praying everyday which is very powerful and will make your life happy.Believe it or not it's true.It's very powerful,powerful like the SUN.So i clearly came to know what i am praying everyday.
Here is the Gayathri mantra :

What does Gayathri Mantra Mean?

Om – Brahma or Almighty God,
bhur – Embodiment of vital spiritual energy,
bhuvah – Destroyer of sufferings,
svah – Embodiment of happiness,
tat – That,
savituh – Bright, Luminous like the Sun,
vareƱyam – Best, Most exalted,
bhargo – Destroyer of sins,
devasya – Divine,
dhimahi – May imbibe,
dhiyo – Intellect,
yo – Who,
nah – Our,
prachodayat – May inspire.

In short it is a prayer to the Almighty, the Supreme, the Divine Power, the Creator of the entire Cosmos, the essence of our life existence, who removes all our sins, pains and sufferings and grants happiness. It is a Prayer beseeching His Divine Grace to inculcate within me His Divinity and Brilliance which will purify me and guide my wisdom on the righteous path.

The Gayathri Mantra is in Sanskrit. The language which is origin for all the world languages.It seems Even the Computers work based on Sanskrit.

The Origin of the Language(Sanskrit) is INDIA.

So INDIA has the previlege to have the Origin of the language which is the origin for all the world languages.

Three Cheers INDIA.Get back the Legacy.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Unity is Strength

Lead the way. Be a Leader. Join the leaders

Here is an example of a little Leader. Little in age and physic,but a Leader in action.

It is also an example of "how actions work" . and how "Unity is Strength".

Lot of people think of lot of things,they only just think,they don't act.

This a typical example of how INDIANS think.....all people wait for someone to do,no one does it by himself.

But remember INDIA has lots of leaders.So people follow their leaders.

Glad that lots of Leaders are Emerging in INDIA and soon INDIA is going to be a leader.

But the key thing for that to happen is "UNITY"

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ganesha Symbolism

I learnt alot from Lord Ganesha. The one whom Hindus worship first to start anything.

The great qualities we should inculcate from him are..........

Be a Good Listener. If you can't listen to someone,how can you expect someone to listen to you??

Think Big.
Don't just think Ordinarily.

Concentrate on the minute things.Things that are even atomic. Because atoms form things.Small things form big things.So the concentration must be from the atomic level.

Talk Less.
If you talk less.Those talks will have much importance.Talk Wisely,don't talk all crap and waste your energy.It is said that "Lot of people waste their 95% of the energy talking,that too talking about useless things.

Think Positive.
Take only the good that comes your way.Leave the bad behind

Be Adapatable.
Adapt to any situation.Make it your time.Get accustomed any situation and turn it your way,if it is not your way and do it in a healthy way.

Digest the good and bad.
Get prepared for everything.

Control your Desire.
You should be able to control your desire,not the desire controlling you.

Friday, January 11, 2008

True Love and Humanity

I got this through an e-mail and it touched me a lot. Hope it makes lot of people think. Decide for yourself.
At times even if we lose a game,it is worth losing. Worth losing for a cause,Worth losing for someone's happiness.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Health is wealth

I think i need to take care of my health.Especially i need to eat. LoL :-)

Yeah really i need to eat. Before i used to think i should study.But now it's time for me to think "I should eat.

Today i ran 6.5 miles in 1hr 20 mts.I improved alot in the speed. My speed was nearly 5mph.

But i could feel the consequences of the not eating.

I used to run 6 miles in 1.5 hr. My latest best was on the eve of the new year day 6.5 miles in 97mts.

Today i did much better,but i was not feeling well after doing it.I had severe leg pain. I thought "Why is it paining severly today?It never pained for me before"

The reasons i got in my mind was "May be i had a 5 days gap of running and after that gap i should have started slowly.But i started as if my legs are ready for the goal and the other main reason and may be the only reason was i didn't have enough calories to be burnt.But i was burning them.Almost my body got dehydrated.

I really need to take care of myself.

"God give me the power and determination to do things.

Bless me with good health. Without good health i can't do the things you have assigned me to do in this world.So it's your responsibility to keep me in good health."

Hey don't worry sometimes i talk to GOD and He listens to me and gives me what i want.Good God.

"Health is the best Wealth"

Friday, January 4, 2008

How to say 'NO' when we can't say 'YES' ?

This question has been boggling my mind from so many days. Many times i got a situation where i wanted to say NO,but i couldn't say it. Because that NO might hurt someone's feelings whom i care about or it might make the other people misunderstand me or something..... which has some bad effect on me.

I recently came to know that saying NO is also a big thing.

There were situations where i was not happy even if i say "NO" or "YES".

How to handle situations like that?

If i say "Yes" to some things i am sacrificing some of my basic principles.

If i say "No" i am hurting few people whom i care about.

So recently there was a clash between "Principles" Vs "Family" .

Not only family my principles are clashing with lots of other things.

Now should i sacrifice my principles??

NO.......i don't think so i can do that because ,I am what i am now because of those principles only.So there is no point in sacrificing them. If i am sacrificing them i am sacrificing myself.

Ok. Now should i stick to my principles?That means i m hurting few people whom i care about and who do care about me.

So what should i do now..............................................?

When i was thinking i got an answer in the form of a question "Why don't you let the people understand your principles?,If they understand them there will not be a clash."

hahahaha. Now there lies the big problem and it raises another question.

"How to communicate effectively and let the people know what you are thinking and don't give scope for mis-understanding?".

So now i am stuck here.How should i make people understand what i am thinking. No two people can think the same. But it is a great art to effectively communicate what do u mean when you say something.

I don't think so i am good at it at this point of time.

So what can i do now?? I am working on it and praying GOD to give me the ability and courage to comminicate effectively and make people understand what i am thinking.

GOD, bless me with the courage to communicate effectively.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Resolutions

Be Determined.

Set goals and achieve them.

Make the people around me happy.

Don't just be ordinary. Keep that little extra effort and achieve the extra-ordinary results.

Finally which ever year it may be,i should meet my priorities in life this year too.

I believe in "Keep Living(my Life) rather than just Existing"

I pray God to give me the strength and will power to keep up my resolutions.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Determination levels

Today i recorded my determination levels . It is 4 mph.... lol Just kidding.

I mean i kept the goal to run 6 miles in 1.5 hr. I did it.

I achieved it . I ran 6.51 miles in 97 mts. You can see my determination statistics below.
Now i feel i am determined and i want to keep that determination going.....and last long.