Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - The year of achievements and require more betterment

I think it's time to just look back and analyze how the YEAR 2008 went. I think it has been quiet a good year.

Let me see what i thought of doing in the year 2008

Post written on January 1 ,2008


* Be Determined.
* Set goals and achieve them.
* Make the people around me happy.
* Don't just be ordinary. Keep that little extra effort and achieve the extra-ordinary results.
* Finally which ever year it may be,i should meet my priorities in life this year too.
* I believe in "Keep Living(my Life) rather than just Existing"


Post written on March 20,2008

Now it's time for me to be more specific....

1. Complete a Marathon race
2. Complete Java and CCNA certifications
3.Build my website and make it active with atleast 50 or more pages.....(I don't want quantity but what I need.So 50 or more quality pages...worth for people to read or look at)
4.Establish the NPO and the NPO website......

I should do it and I will do it.....

God give me the determination to complete them......

I will do it....

so may be when i see of what i did....

I feel satisfied that

  • I completed the marathon race.
  • Started the LeadersAhead website,but still should make active I even had some more other achievements...
  • 3.Got Assistantship(funding) which help me to pay the tution fees on my own.

Things i couldn't or didn't do...

  • Didn't finish the Java certification atleast....(may be that's not my cup of tea)
  • Should have made the website more active.
  • Didn't establish an NPO,but was working in that direction,was thinking of establishing a "Citizen center" a concept of Loksatta and was discussing about all the logistics required for it. Hope to make it happen.

But besides all this i have immense satisfaction,that i became little disciplined.

It's really a great feeling(feeling of satisfaction)

But still my heart says "There is lot more to do"

I do remember "Plans may be void but planning is inevitable".

I think for the New year 2009.

I would like to repeat the goals what i set for the 2008


Be Determined.
* Set goals and achieve them.
* Make the people around me happy.
* Don't just be ordinary. Keep that little extra effort and achieve the extra-ordinary results.
* Finally which ever year it may be,i should meet my priorities in life this year too.
* I believe in "Keep Living(my Life) rather than just Existing"

and add that i should be more disciplined in achieving my goals.

  • Must make sure that i am keeping that little extra effort to get the extra-ordinary results.
  • Must do well in my last semester of my Masters in Computer Science and graduate as planned.
  • Must get good job and start my career in a good way.
  • Must make sure that i enjoy my career and keep the zeal to learn....and fire to learn burning.....
  • Must be even fit regularly
  • Must finish running the marathon in 4hrs and may be try to qualify for boston marathon and even start swimming.
GOD please give me the strength,courage,motivation and inspiration to achieve the goals i have for the next year

and please make sure what ever situation I am and where ever I am ....I still have my foot on the ground and i don't get any weight added on the head (head weight).

Please make sure I am as humble as I am now.

I will do it....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Completed a Marathon,but not the way I intended

I am glad that I completed the Rocket city Marathon,but more than that I am sooooo disappointed that I couldn't finish in the time I intended to finish(4 - 4.5hrs.).

I thought since i finished my first half marathon in 1hr 58mts(on November 8,2008)I could finish the Full Marathon(on December 13,2008) in may be double time+20-30mts = 4- 4.5hrs.

I even ran two 20 milers (20miles,24miles) in 3hrs 59mts and 4hrs 23mts respectively (without having things like gatorade and all that during the trial sessions)and so I thought i would easily finish in 4 - 4.5hrs..and in the worst case within 5hrs.But it took me 5hrs 12 mts...that's really disappointing.

But,the way I finished the Marathon in a very bad time 5hrs 12mts. That was very disappointing for me.

But as usual one part of my heart which supports what ever I do has a reason(excuse) for everything.

It says
"Come on Sandeep,you didn't even know how to dress up when it was cold and you had to pay the price...but you should think that you completed the Marathon which is a good thing.Good that you didn't stop and give kept on moving." That is from the part of my heart which supports me and pushes me in everything.."

But the other part of my heart(critic) which i mostly hear to and try to correct myself(because that part of the heart is harsh and doesn't want any excuses) says
" You don't even know how to dress up for a marathon.Marathon is not just about's much more than that.You need to be mentally fit and even physically you should be able to support yourself.You should be ashamed that you didn't reach your goal in time because of not dressing well. You took care of drinking gatorade..and kept your self hydrating to avoid dehydration.But you are such a dumbo...that you forgot to recognize that this is the month of December and moreover December 13 was with lot of cold wind...and you had to pay the price.....Atleast you should have finished within 4:59:59,but you couldn't...I feel you gave up....I am disappointed with you Sandeep.Anyways...what all i can say is..try to erase that time....and come up with a good finish time.haha lol..and you are thinking to qualify for Boston Marathon.What a funny thought. first know the basics and keep yourself finishing atleast in 4hrs,then you can think of"

I know the critic part of my heart is very harsh at me. Anyways it's part of the game,and it doesn't stop here.We need to keep going and may be it's a lesson for me.

At a point of time i couldn't even breathe and was suffocating(all because of the cold air).. and coughing like hell....and almost about to vomit..and was feeling will i reach the finish line....but glad that i didn't give up... I know the critic part of my heart would be thinking...."What a great excuse...u stupid "

I should take these personal experiences(lessons) into account and give my best next time.Way to go Sandeep...

Better luck next time...keep moving...

Some of the captured moments..

At the half can see how dumb i was, (almost half way 13.1miles).

I think i should have gone to a fashion parade instead of Marathon running with that kind of dressing...(shame on you sandeep)

Idiot good at posing...for think u can do that...instead of Marathon running..(all these comments are from my critic heart)

Finisher's medal front view

Finisher's medal rear view

Finisher's CAP..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The chickens are cursing me...

The chickens would be

If you ask me why...? The answer is because "I started killing them..(eating Non-Veg).

I used to eat chicken...from my childhood,but i was so moved by a video which says "If we have heart,we don't eat chicken". After seeing that video i stopped eating chicken for almost 7months..besides lots of criticism and caring..for me.

It says we can't make our living by killing...absolutely true...

But now..I feel " I don't have the heart...and I became cruel".But one part of my heart says.."You stupid,you don't have any other option..and since you are burning lot of calories by running,you should replace those calories which you can do with eating chicken".

I know it is such a mean and selfish reason..that my heart is giving..but i have surrendered myself to that selfish and mean heart ,because..i couldn't bear it.

It's not because of my tongue, I started eating it..but it's because of my body..responding to me and of course because of that cruel,mean and selfish heart...(you can give any adjective..which are not being humane )

But still I am asking the GOD to forgive and teach my selfish heart a lesson or provide situations where i can suppress my selfish heart.

GOD give me the strength to keep myself in control(especially my selfish heart)

Monday, December 1, 2008

One more step...towards the goal...

I am happy that i am coming near to the goal i have kept for this year.I finished a half marathon in 1hr 58mts 55seconds,my personal best.I accomplished this on November 8. I know it is too late too post,but by this you can know how lazy i have become and i am even feeling bad about the laziness i acquired even to do blogging.. is almost only 2 weeks to go for my goal to be achieved this year.

yes.. i.e FULL marathon. It is on December 13 Saturday at 8:00am. Lets see how i will do. But my goal is to finish it within 4-4.5 hrs...If i can do it in less than 4hrs..that will be really good.. lets see how will i do it.

Some of the memories captured...

The medal i got for completing the race ..

Smile of satisfaction....

He completed....the Half may think....what's great in that.....? If you know his age.....then u will say........OMG........that's really great...His age is just.....sweet...83. He participates in every race that is conducted in Huntsville....May be he will be even at the Rocket City Marathon(26.2 miles) on December 13. Meet you there young man....

I feel proud that i could capture.....his cheerful moments...... Man you are an alot of the younger generation......I feel you are still younger...even at 83

My hero....he is just 14 but he completed in 1hr 30mts....Way to go...

I had the previlege to take a pic with the first place you know in how much time he completed.....? 1hr 7mts.. omg.....Great.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another step towards the destiny...

I finished 15K in 1hr 31mts which is a good sign but need to improve alot.

But after finishing the race these days I am not running much and not being disciplined to follow the schedule.Should stick to the schedule and see that I am on the track.

I should say about this boy.The boy in red T-shirt. He is just 12 yrs old and he completed the 15K in just 1hr 10mts. I was impressed withh the boy's performance,so decided to encourage him and cheer him up by asking for a pic with him. I think I am previleged to take a pic with him. When said "I think you will get a prize in your age group". He said " No i don't think so I will get a prize because I am included in Under 19". I felt bad for that,he should be rewarded. Anyways...way to go...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Worshipping knowledge

"Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvignam Kurume Deva
Sarva kaala sarvada"

This is a prayer to the leader of the "ganas" (the demi-gods worshipping Lord Shiva).
The purport being:

"Oh Lord with twisted tusk and great body and the one who shines with the brillinance of a crore of suns
Please remove the obstacles in my path
always and in all times"


Hope this Vinayaka Chavithi removes all obstacles on our path and makes all our dreams come true.

We shouldn't be over ambitious in dreaming and make the God come into dilemma...Atleast lets be reasonable in our wishes. :-)

Last year we celebrate Vinayaka chavithi with lots of Hungama and bhakthi...but this year we have college and we didn't even know that today is Vinayaka chavithi,except my family reminded me of that by sending mails......I obviously miss INDIA and Vinayaka chavithi celebrations.... :-( . Anyways where ever I may be and in what ever situation I am He will take care of me....

So for me this year God just........bless me with 2 millin dollars.................just kidding, ohhhhh nooooooo , i don't want my life to be in tensions.....with money more than required comes tensions which are more than required to our life.

This year ,let me reach my goals and make me more determined and scheduled...

On the eve of Vinayaka chavithi,lemme remind me of goals

1. Complete a Marathon race (26.2 miles)
2.Build some quality pages and make my site active(
3.Finish a certification course(Java..)

and above all finish my courses with decent grades.......

So God all these are the wishes which you can grant me easily........of course there will be lot of effort from my side and make sure that.......the obstacles will be removed by you....(I know you will surely do...and I am such a stupid to remind you.....)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Want to be out of the box....

Uhhhh, it has been so long i am writing..may be i was busy hating myself everyday..hating so much that i didn't even have time or feel like writing.. of now i feel like i am in a box...and i want to come out of the box.

I am bored of this routine boring life. and i even feel like laughing at myself.

While thinking about all these,a question is boggling my mind..

Why do people(I) don't come out of the comfort zone?

Why don't they(I) try something different?

Then suddenly one part of my brain answers..."May be because of 'fear of failing'".

I don't know why I am doing something which is me

I feel like I am not enjoying what I am doing.....may be I don't know how to enjoy...

But I feel like doing a job or work which is not routine.....

What do I mean by that is.....When i see of myself in the future......

I am no more than a dumbooo who writes programs(already written long creativity) and keeps on testing.. them. No offense for technical geeks...I am talking about a dumbo like me...

I want something which is not routine everyday......(some jobs like Tv reporter or Social enterpreneur...something which requires new ideas everyday and a new approach unlike the routine .....8 to 5 job)

But I know...despite speaking all this.....i will still do a 8 to 5 job..because "The so called Fast settling in life" is still in my mind and I don't think so I can handle a lot of criticism or caring...people show once I am trying to come out of my Comfort zone.......

Anyways..... I shouldn't forget this "One secret of happiness is not doing what you love, but loving what you do".

I am trying to LOVE.....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lets be part of the World record

Download Day - English

Three Distinct Firefox Advantages

1. Security
Main point:
• Firefox is the safest way to use the Internet.

Supporting points:
• We start with safety – We engage security experts before we even start development so we can identify and address potential problems before a single line of code is written.
• We build Firefox to be safe – Keeping people safe online is a big reason why Firefox exists. We take security very seriously, which is why we open our development process to allow security researchers to contribute at any point and on any topic. If a critical bug is discovered, we’ll make it public so it can be fixed as soon as possible.
• We actively work to keep Firefox safe – Security doesn’t stop once the product has shipped. We’re constantly monitoring threats and releasing new Firefox updates to stay ahead of the bad guys. Because we’re open source, we have an entire community of users around the world who help us make your web browsing safer.

Other Considerations:
• It’s important to give concrete examples of potential threats rather than just mentioning the abstract concept of “security”. People can easily relate to the ideas of identity theft, stolen credit cards, viruses, spyware and phishing, so explaining how Firefox helps prevent these things is key.
• Specific Firefox security features include anti-phishing alerts, password manager, protection from spyware and automatic security updates.
• The reality is that there are people out there who want to steal your personal information. That’s why we’re constantly refining Firefox with security updates every 6-8 weeks (and more often if a fix is needed to address a critical issue) to stay one step ahead.
• The main reason Firefox is safer is because of our open process, which allows us to identify, acknowledge and fix bugs more quickly than the competition.

2. Customization

Main point:
• When it comes to web browsing, we believe that one size doesn’t fit all.

Supporting points:
• Firefox has the most ways to customize your online experience specifically for the way you use the web.
• Add-ons (small pieces of software that augment Firefox to meet your unique needs) enhance the browser so you can be more productive, have more fun and be more creative online. For example, you can use the 3000+ Firefox add-ons to:
- communicate and stay in touch
- find the best shopping deals
- listen to music
- protect your kids from inappropriate sites
- access the latest news and weather reports
- and much more…
• There are also many different themes that let you express yourself by decorating your browser in a variety of ways.

Other considerations:
• The key challenge is getting people to think about the browser in a new way…that it’s more than just a utility. The browser isn’t just a static window to the Internet, it can be an active part of the Internet itself.
• It’s important to demonstrate the specific benefits of add-ons…the message isn’t customization, it’s why customization makes people’s Internet experiences better.
• It’s also important to remember the audience here…for consumer messaging, we want to focus on add-ons that are easy to explain and have the broadest possible appeal. In other words, this means referencing ones like eBay, FotoFox, FoxyTunes, etc rather than the more developer-centric ones.
• Using a familiar, non-technical analogy to convey a fairly technical concept is a very effective way of communicating the role add-ons can play in your web experience. For example, using add-ons is like designing your living space at work or building with blocks.

3. 100% Organic Software

Main point:
• Firefox is good for you: it stands for openness, innovation and freedom on the Internet.

Supporting points:
• We’re a public benefit, not-for-profit organization devoted to enriching people’s lives by preserving choice and innovation on the Internet (as opposed to being motivated by profits, shareholder value, usage of proprietary technology, etc.)
• We’re a global, grassroots effort – Mozilla’s products are a result of a collaboration between employees, volunteers, universities, foundations and corporate partners. Firefox was created by an international movement of hundreds of thousands of people from wildly different backgrounds, all seeking to develop the world’s best browser.
• Open source means a better browser for the 120 million regular Firefox users. We open up our process to anyone and everyone in order to encourage the innovation and development of exciting new technologies that will keep pushing the web forward and making it a better place for all.

Other considerations:
• The “100% organic software” concept sums up a fairly complex situation using a metaphor people can easily recognize. Organic stands for something that’s better for you, something trusted, something of higher quality…all key ingredients of Mozilla and Firefox.
• We need to focus less on the technical aspects of open source, which is hard for people to understand, and concentrate more on the tangible user benefits – innovation, accessibility, freedom, a better web, etc – to reach more potential users.
• A great example of the power of open source is the fact that Mozilla only has roughly 100 employees, yet is able to compete with some of the biggest companies in the world because of our amazing international community.
• Although the 100% organic concept really applies to the Mozilla organization as a whole, for our consumer messaging we need to show how this process ties back in to Firefox…the organic nature of our software development has created a healthier, higher quality browser that makes the web better for you.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step

Yeah I did it.........

A wish and desire to complete a Marathon Race starts with completing a 10K Race....

I feel little satisfied that I achieved something.

I feel that I am committed and determined and want to continue the same....

I know there is lot more to do....but it's just a beginning.

Ohhhhh Sorry am I confusing with lot more adjectives.....Ok let me come to the point straight away...

Today I completed a 10K race(6.2 miles) in 67 minutes 43 seconds....(even though not my best..)

On tread mill i used to complete it in 57-60 minutes approx....

But I couldn't get practice on road,and this was the first time i ran road(With uphills,slopes..which are all new to me)

Anyways this a good start i hope....

But i learned few lessons in the process of preparing for this 10K race and completing it.

Prepare for the worst....and life will not be the way you want it to be...or dream it should be.....Prepare for the odds...

The reason I am saying this is...I didn't know whether I will participate in this race or not...but I was desperate that I should participate in it.....Just 2 days before, I mean on May 24,2008 I was practicing for the race and I ran about 8.2 miles...but that's not the issue...the issue is that in the process of doing it I got my left leg knee locked and it gave lot of pain when ever the leg came in contact with the floor......

I felt really bad....and I thought.....what.....?????

What is happening.....?

In the desire to achieve the you have come to a stage where you are thinking...."Can I participate in the race...?".

I felt I shouldn't have run that extra 2 miles.....but again I thought "What has happened has.already.. happened,now there's no point in worrying about that......the issue is what are you doing

Everything happens for a reason....(mostly for a good reason.)

So I made up my mind...come what may....I should participate in the race..

Actually I was planning to complete 2 races of 6.2 miles the 2 days before the race...but since I was little upset with the first race...I dropped the idea of the 2nd practice race which i thought of doing it 1 day before the race,but i didn't do it....and good that suddenly i got an idea that I have combiflam tablets.....(thanks to ravindra pedananna...who gave me them when i was coming here to U.S ....they helped me in the right time...). So I used them and it relieved me from the pain which i got due to the knee lock.....and finally I could make it............

Thank you God for letting me feel satisfied that....."If i think I can do.....I will and I can do it..".

But the point is please.....please..make me feel that "I can do it and I have the potential to do it.......",rest I will look after..... hahah :-)

So in brief the lessons I learned or points to remember from this experience are :

1."Everything happens for a reason"

2.Prepare for the odds...
("Life can never be the way you want it to be...It can be better or worse..but prepare for everything...")

3.You can dooooooooo itttttttt Leader......You can........

Yes I did it..and its just a single step......still have lot more complete the journey...

Here are few moments of my satisfaction...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Know yourself - In search for the truth...

I am really feeling very much relaxed and learned now.

I just watched a movie which i was trying to complete watching from the past 6 months...but couldn't do it due to some sort of...interruptions....

But at last I could do it now...

It's a great movie .and worth watching...

It lets you know so many truths about life and gives you immense knowledge...

Have the patience to watch the entire movie and its worth watching...

Truths of Life

Friday, May 9, 2008

Need a Change.....Hoping for the best...

Now that I am done with my exams....I m little relaxed......and I also did better this semester and I am safe. But seriously speaking, hell with the grades. I don't know what the hell are these grades to decide me.... Anyways got to go ahead and carry on........

I am safe doesn't mean I can relax and there is lot I should do still more..

I have a very bad feeling that I am becoming USELESS these days.
I am starting to do something and a loser I am finding a reason to stop it in the middle and as a result..I am not completing the task.

I used to be very confident before and I used to feel happy and satisfied by the number of tasks(worthy which make me feel better) I completed successfully.

Now hardly I can remember any task I completed sucessfully except that I am done with my exams which are crap.....and I took them because I had to take them to get my degree....Otherwise hell with them.

I am really sorry to say all these...but I am really frustrated....

I came to do Masters with lot of Zeal,enthu... and desire to excel ,but since things are not going out properly and I am not getting good results I am really feeling frustrated....and more over tensed.....and this semester was really a semester full of tensions...but finally I could make it..but this semester I really had some tough time...

The recent posts also resemble how frustrated I am because they have been filled up with lots of dis-satisfaction,discouragemen,skeptical attitude and ....lots of stupid stuff...which will not make me move ahead...

Everytime I look out for a way to sort the things out.. but these days I think I am getting little diverted and thinking too much...........

and you know what people start thinking of all these stupid stuff only when things don't go well(like a loser...).

I don't even think I would have written all this crap....If I had completed what I wanted to complete.... atleast one certification,or spiending some quality time building the leader's website.

I feel that nothing is going on my way......

Anyways that is Life...unpredictable.....

But even after saying all these stupid things....I am waiting for tomorrow hoping that it will be great.... that is what I can do now.....HOPE For the best.....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Life is a compromise


At least now if you ask me " what is Life?"

I would say "It is a compromise".

I feel what ever I am doing I am compromising...

What I wanted to do....What am I doing now?? and Why am I doing....??

These days I am doing so many things even though I don't like doing. them...but I have to do them to go further in my life.....

I wanted do MBA.....?? But am I doing M.S.......?? Really funny.......

Ok...even if I am doing M.S...but why am I not enjoying.........

What the hell are these Grades....Why are they deciding whether I am good in studying or not....???

So if I am getting good grades does that mean I am doing well?? If I am not getting good grades.....does that mean I am not doing well...??

Seriously....not getting answers for so many questions.......

Anyways got to go with life......I think this is life........ If everything is predictable and goes the way u want it to go......that is not Life......

Life is a Mystery......and Life is a compromise

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What is happening to me??

I really don't know what is happening to me these days....

I really have a feeling that I am not myself anymore....

When I just think of myself(the way I am organizing things and the way I am thinking)I am hating myself,hating so much to an extent that I am asking myself "Why are you living a worthless life which is of no use,hating yourself day by day and getting tensed everyday".

I think I am having some attitude problems.Initially I used to be very happy because I knew what I was doing and Why I was doing...

These days I am not happy with What I am doing.......

I need to come back and be the same person as I was before and get back my happiness with the discipline I had before.

God please save me and help in living my life(of course which should be worthful).

Come back Leader you can do it.........You can do it....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time to review....

It's time to review How am i doing....?
Almost 3 months have passed by and I don't know what I have done yet.

But it is time for me to review and remind me of the things I want to do this year.

For that I have to look at my New Year Resolutions....

When I looked back what I was...

Post written on Jan1 2008

  • Be Determined.
  • Set goals and achieve them.
  • Make the people around me happy.
  • Don't just be ordinary. Keep that little extra effort and achieve the extra-ordinary results.
  • Finally which ever year it may be,i should meet my priorities in life this year too.
  • I believe in "Keep Living(my Life) rather than just Existing"

Now it's time for me to be more specific....

1. Complete a Marathon race
2. Complete Java and CCNA certifications
3.Build my website and make it active with atleast 50 or more pages.....(I don't want quantity but what I need.So 50 or more quality pages...worth for people to read or look at)
4.Establish the NPO and the NPO website......

I should do it and I will do it.....

God give me the determination to complete them......

I will do it....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Balancing the Life......

Ahhhhhhhh . I am feeling little
Just finished an exam which is very important and affects lots of my plans...

I wonder why life is like a Mesh with lots of inter-dependent things......For everything we do there is something that will be dependent or linked with some other thing.......

There is nothing independent in our life......

So need to balance all the things because if we don't take care of few things,they may have lot of impact on the other things.....depending on it........

Hahahah may now think after reading the few above lines....."What is this stupid writing or trying to say.....?" I don't know if it's making sense or not.....but I know for sure that I am writing something which is important to me and it is really

I used to think that I am a person who is a good self-analyzer and I will not repeat the mistakes I did in the past...and I am a continous learner and I do learn from my mistakes....

But I don't know these attitude has changed alot and I am feeling very differently......

Ok . Let me tell you about what i meant in saying "feeling differently".

These days I am getting very different type of questions to

Why am I in this world?
For what I am in this world..?
Am I doing anything worth......?
Why am I not able to get the things done.....?
Why am I worried about tommorrow......?
Why should I worry about tommorrow......?
Can't I be living my Life.....for today......?

May be all these questions are bothering me because I am not enjoying what I am doing these days....and I even have the feeling that "Nothing is going in my way".....
There is lot of attitude change in my mind and I can feel the difference......and I even don't like the change......Before I used to be very positive and now I am thinking very badly.....I shouldn't say I am thinking negatively.......but I am sure I am not thinking can decide how am I thinking.....looking at my questions.....

I am just letting things happens...before I used to make things happen...... and lots of philosophy is coming from my thinking.......... Lol ......It seems lot of people who can't accomplish things come out with an excuse to their inability to get things done......May be even I am in that

Anyways.....need a break from all the routine stuff........ Studies,work...Service......everything......


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Commitment to get things done

Two months of this year have already been over.
When I think of "What did I do these 2 months...?"
There was a bit of silence and ambiguity in my mind.

Did I do anything(worth)....?

Ahhhhh!! I really don't know did I do anything worth or not.I started few good things but I am not able to keep those things moving....

I feel that I really need to change lot of things....

When I start thinking..My mind gives me some Sounding answers saying "You stupid,the time you spend in thinking and analyzing things,if you spend that time on working on them(things),you will do much better.

Hahaha Even my mind is not with me...I mean not supporting me. I need to change. I need to get things done. For that I think I need to be committed and Determined...

To be committed and Determined.....I need to be focused and clear of the things I want to do.

I feel even today is not too late...but i shouldn't keep thinking this everyday...... :-) That today is not too late ...then everyday will not be too the time I will be done with my life...NO I don't want that to happen

God give me the power to be committed,determined and focused.

I am going to get things done

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Under devloped India

We have seen..How India is fastly..growing..

but there are still lots of issues that are hindering India to be a developed country.

If these issues can sorted out from the root-level. We can see a developed India soon....

Be the change you want to see - Mahatma Gandhi

I would add to that saying "Bring the change you want to see".......

World's Fastest Growing Free Market Democracy - INDIA

Lets have a look at how fast India is growing...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

India Shining....

India is shining..

But still lot of things have to be improved and changed.. It is we who have to change things and become a change for seeing a developed INDIA.........

Lets be the change.........

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pursuit of Happiness

I think everyone in life at a time or the other will be in this stage. I think lot of people or still in this stage...striving to be happy....Want to be happy....doing lot of things to be happy..thinking that they will be happy..... will those things make us happy?? Who knows.......

But it is the Hope that we will be happy,lets us do many things...and...we strive for that Happiness....

Even I am in this stage right now......

I wanted to watch the movie "Pursuit of Happiness" when some friend said "It is good".
Even by just hearing that name.....I was willing and was eager to watch that movie....but somehow things didn't workout....and I couldn't watch that movie from the past 6 months...

But today I am very happy that I could watch it......I am Happy that I watched a good movie..

I swear that it's a good movie ......atleast for the people who are busy in their life and striving to be makes lot of sense to them.

Be Happy watching that movie.....and I think you will attribute lot of things happening in that movie to yourself in someway or the other.

Watch it here now.... Pursuit of Happiness
Note : This movie is taken inspired by a true story......and it's really good.

Starcast : Will Smith,Jaden Smith(Will Smith's son)......

Enjoy the movie

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not too late to realize........

I am really happy today that what ever I am writing in this blog is making sense to some people. I could make some people think.

Ok let me say you what am I talking about........

One day while I was online. I got a message saying "Thank YOU"

I thought who was it saying me Thank you........
It was my friend.Being surprised I asked him "why were you saying Thank you to me?"

He said "I read your posts and I was really impressed , the way you wrote your posts..."

He then asked me "Hey I want to communicate well,be fearless in talking....."

The problem he said to me is that, now he is doing job in a Software company where that company expects him to give presentations. He is not doing well and his Project manager is looking very weirdly at him for which my friend felt very bad.

He said to me "I really want to improve my communication....please"

I said "What is your problem?"

He said " I know the content,but when i go on the stage for giving a presentation I get tensed thinking, am I giving it nicely or what other people will think if I am doing it badly...."

Then I said "First don't think about others......Think about yourself......It will take time for you to give it nicely.....But don't stop yourself thinking about criticism and all that.........Just concentrate on the content and keep talking will do good.The people who want to criticize you when you are doing bad....will praise you when you are doing....good".I don't know whether I said the correct thing or not...but thinking like that helped me alot... and I used to give good presentations....and I even got National Level First prize in a Technical paper contest......

To my knowledge there are two problems in not giving a good presentation

1.If you are not aware of what you are talking
Remedy : Be thorough with your content,the content you want to talk on.

2. Fear of the output...I mean fear of critics and fear of "how well I am going to present"
(Most people will have the second problem....
Remedy : Just forget about everyone else.... Think in this way "This is my time,I gonna do well...."

I donno whether these are the correct assumptions or problems faced in a presentation.But to my knowledge I used to face those problems.

Even I had those problems.....and I should admit I still have them.

I think I can talk for hours on general things .But when it comes to any technical presentation. I fumble slightly...

So I think I have the first problem...."I need to be thorough with the content"

I don't think so, I will have the second problem because I like critics and I also believe in "A person is measured by the number of critics he has,the more critics for him,the better he is doing ". Because critics concentrate only things worth concentrating,otherwise they damn care about it.....So if someone is criticizing that means you are of some worth.

Anyway.....this is all my perception.....I don't know to what extent I am right.... :-)

Now let me say something ......We (me and my friend)were together almost 4 years in Engineering. I was almost his benchmate and roommate for an year. He was very close to me even at that time....

I used to talk to him almost everyday....I even used to say "Do like this...Do like that....". You know what was his response,he used to say "Arey.....please don't give lectures...let me enjoy.....". I thought's ok it's upto you.....

He is very good the problem is he was not serious for the things he had to be serious..... He used to take everything jovially........His common word is "Light theesko.......mama....." which means "Take it lite take it easy......".

But now he was saying " I really wasted my engineering time,I should have utilized it....".
I think lot of people get those feeling...for that matter why lot of people...even I get the feeling that I have not utilized my Engineering time properly...

It is always there......Its never too late to realize.....

Now I said to him "Forget about the past....what has happened.Take them as lessons and try to work on the things which are bothering on them until they are solved.
Work smartly......"

He was very happy for talking to me.......I was much more happier that at least he has realized now.

Then I got a feeling that "If we can realize..early it's good and today is not too late to realize.....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Be Logical, Don't be Emotional

Today I came to know that we need to be Logical in doing things rather than being emotional...

Yeah lots of times I think very emotionally.......

But I even knew that we should think practically.....I mean how the things go in practical.

Here I am using the word logical for practical...

I don't know how we can make the theory into practical....

Lot of things are good to think about,but when it comes into practical they don't seem to be achievable.

Ok.....let me not confuse more...Let me give an example of what I am talking

I want to establish a school to provide good education which will atleast contribute a bit for the major problem in India (Illeteracy) and if that problem is addressed , lot of other problems which are the effect of this will also be addressed(to an extent...not wholly).(The reason for establishing school...and all those are in my previous posts)

So when I got that idea to establish the school. I started putting on the paper.I even brought a book which says "how to establish a school and all the information required to establish a school"
But then I got a question in my mind "What should be the name of the school?"

I was in a debate ,but still I didn't come to a conclusion but was thinking that Vivekananda motivated me a lot and he is also an ideal person for the youth.So lets keep the school name with his name.So I thought may be it will be "Vivekananda Institute of Educational Excellency".

I thought we shouldn't just give the bookish knowledge. It should give them the overall development We should teach them "How to live?"..."How to face things?" Lots of practical things to be addressed... It is not just studying .Its learning,playing . Having fun while playing and the children should enjoy learning.

Ok after the name issue is over. Now comes the plan ,untill what class and all then I thought ok let us keep untill 5th class first.

But the key features of the college should be :

A good library
A good play ground
A good computer lab
........ lot more to be added...

Then there comes the issue MONEY. Do I have the money right now?????? NO.....

But should I stop or drop my Idea.????........NO

I thought money shouldn't be a big problem.. Because if we are doing something good lot of peopl will help and we can proceed.....

I also know that some good things take time .We need to be patient.Just wait for the time(our time)

Lot of people said to me "First settle in your life and then think of all this ".

Yeah I knew that i should settle in my life and then only I can do all these things.... But if I am not working on this and thinking of it.. by the time I settle there will be lot other priorities...and I am very much afraid that can I keep up my desire to establish..

Then I will start thinking emotionally and say "If I am committed to establish I will do it come what may". But being practial/logical lots of things will add up(Suppose if I am doing a job,there will be lots of responsiblities for that job I need to do.....Then what about my dream or desire.......????????

God teach me the art of Balancing the life......

Teach me "How to go on with life,fullfilling all our dreams and desires"

But I also know "Life will not be the way ,you want it to be "

But there are people who will say "You are the Creator of your own Destiny"

But all i want to say is...I want to make my dream a reality.

God Please help me in doing that.........

Never Assume

Ahhhhh !! I am really hating myself because of the stupid habit I have of assuming,but untill now they didn't get me any bad results,but they had an impact on me.

But still more worse thing is that When people start assuming about me... I mean I will be thinking something and people are trying to interpret it in their own way...

That is a big problem. Lot of us take the things in our own way. In this context even I am getting in my mind about the system in INDIA.

There are lots of rules and regulations in INDIA. Actually the rules behind the system are pretty good.But people interpret them to their own and make advantage of it....

Any situation we take there are lots of problems with assuming. I don't say assuming is bad. If I say that I am a fool because lots of advances in technlogy and this world have taken with assumptions only,but they are some meaningful assumptions

So What I want to say is when we assume,we should have some meaningful assumptions,some supporting and meaningful factors for those assumptions....

The reason I am writing all this is ,lot of people are mis-interpreting me with their wrong assumptions and even I do that stupid thing and I am no exception for that....Even I think i hurt feelings of few people with those wrong assumptions....

So those stupid assumptions cost us alot......which we may not be able to repay but just repent over it.

So I want to make sure that I don't assume or take things for granted. If at all there is a situation we need to assume,may be I will do an educated guess or a meaningful assumption

Note : It seems When we ASSUME we make A** out of U n ME :-)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Add value to the talks,shouldn't just talk

Ahhhh !! I feel much I think GOD is really great,he is listening to what ever I am speaking. GOD

Just few hours back I was feeling very much bored.....but now I am very much relaxed and feel very excited.

So I came to know the only CONSTANT thing in this world is CHANGE.

My mindset has changed so quickly and now I get the feeling "I can achieve what ever I want to".

May be the reason for the change is I worked on something worth working Which I will talk about in the coming few days.....

But few things really make me feel bad....

I don't know why lot of people just talk for the sake of talking and don't know what they are talking,Why they are talking,How they are talking and for what they are talking?

For example.....If people keep on talking , there will be monotany and its hard to pay interest.
So we will surely not pay attention to them.... So the art is to keep people interesting and never bore them . I don't know whether I am keeping people interested are not..... ;-)
When will I know that when I get the feedback or comments... Hope I will get them

If people are providing lots of of data,I think it is just data and I feel in a world of data it is very important to know which data is important to us or relavent to us.
So we need to provide Some information of value not mere just data.

I came across lots of situations where people can and will talk for hours,but I get a doubt whether they know what they are talking? Does they make any sense.So it's important to know what we are talking and is it of any value? Now While I am writing this post I questioned myself what am I writing and for what am I writing?

hahahaha .Good that I got answers to those questions ,otherwise there would be no meaning to this whole diary.

The answers I got are

  • I am writing about - "Why people talk for just the sake of talking and have no sense in their talks?
  • and I am talking about it because I am sick of hearing to people like them and may be I will take care from such people.

One more interesting thing and funny thing is....some people talk for lot of time and don't make any sense..When I questioned myself I got an answer that "May be they don't what they are talking about?" This is just my answer and may be I got that answer because sometimes even I do that...I talk something when I don't know what to talk and then think after some time "What am I talking".But now I am sure and confident about what I am talking or writing in this post. :-)

So its good to know about what we are talking

Ohhhhh very long post and even I din't think I will be talking this much.....Don't know whether I added value to these talks or made no sense.....Hope I added value because I know what I was talking and for what I am talking and How I talked.... :0)

Hope the God reminds me everday of what I am talking.....God Please take care of me...

Why do i get this feeling?

ohhhhh !!! I am really feeling bored today.

I don't know why I am getting this feeling,but I feel like I am not living my life.

Everyday I am thinking of lots of do.

How to utilize my time efficiently?

How to be Organized/Scheduled.....lots of things come into my mind.

I think I am utilizing my time,,,but I am not enjoying the time I am utilizing.

I am really getting bored so easily.....

I sit on my website to work on the website...and after desining my layout...I feel like sleeping,but again I will think no I should complete it.....again I will change my layout. again and again.....

I don't know what is me but something is happening....I am not able to Concentrate...

Sometimes I am really getting frustrated,have the feeling I am not doing well.

May be it's time for me to take a break from the routine life.....(studying,job,

Yeah I think it's the has been long back I watched a movie on my Lappy......

It's time to have fun...and entertainment........

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Healthy computing

Today i thought "Lets take some time to take care of ourself".

So as a part of it, I came to know few of the precautions we need to take while computing.

LOL :-)

I was almost laughing while I came to know few precautions,because I don't follow so many of those precautions

It's very bad and I have to take care.

Anyway here are the some of the tips for Healthy computing.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Every Moment is precious

Today i got a feeling, Am i utilizing my time properly? or Am i wasting the time?

When i was waiting for the answer.. I was totally confused and didn't get any answer.......

Then i started calculating.... How many hours are there in a week?
24*7 = 168

So if i am working 20 hrs a week,i am left with 148 hrs.
If I am going to classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:45-6:50.
Lets take I am utilizing 12 hrs more.So I am left with 136 hrs more....
Out of that 136 hrs lets take out 7*8(normal or good hrs to sleep a day)= 56 hrs,So i am left with 80 hrs more...
So i m done with sleeping,studying, what else i am doing.. the rest of the week?
If we take into count eating we can take out hardly 10 hrs the whole week. So i am left with 70 hrs more......
So we need to get ready to go for job or class.......Ahhhh this takes most of my time....Refreshing(shower,nature calls...blah,blah....blah).....7*3=21 hrs
So now I am left with 49hrs........ If I even take out....the 9 hrs.... for miscellaneous things.....

Ohhhh I forgot,the time for my daily walking to college or for my job, it atleast takes me half an hour. So daily 1 hr. So 7*1=7 hrs

I am left with 33 hrs......Ohhhhhhhh God I am wasting 33 hrs a week......

No...that shouldn't be the case.... May be atleast I am wasting atleast 20 hrs.....

So I should work on it.. .. I need to be Scheduled and Organized......


Leaders don't waste time.

Time is very valuable
,we can't get it, once we have lost it.

After few years When we look back we shouldn't feel "What have i done all these years?" Did i do anything worth.....?

Oh God !! never i should get such a feeling in the coming years.

Let me do something worth and utilize my time properly

Monday, January 21, 2008

Leaders Ahead

I am really happy that i am launching my website LeadersAhead today on the eve of my birthday.

I know it's not that great(professional) now,but even to get that into that shape,i had to strain for so many contionous hard and sleepless hours.

But you know what?

The satisfaction I got after that hard work is invaluable and unexplainable.

May be I even can't get that satisfaction if I have 1million$.
I have the satisfaction that I am doing something useful.

LeadersAhead with the tag line Be a Leader,as the slogan says be a leader in doing things.

This site gives more emphasis on leadership qualities and the major problems India is facing today.It tries to work on all the things which helps in creating LEADERS and making India a DEVELOPED country.

As of now I have recognized the major problems INDIA is facing is

  • Illeteracy
  • Lack of good Health facilities
  • Unemployment
  • Malnutrition

and above all the cynical attitude of the people.

Its my Dream to see INDIA as a developed country .I know it has the potential,but somethings have gone wrong and the attitude of the people has changed.We work on all or most of the things which will make INDIA a DEVELOPED COUNTRY.

Don't know when this dream comes intro reality ??But I will do my best to make my dream come into reality.

I pray the GOD to give me the determination and power to make my dream a reality.

HOPE i will get back to this Diary one day and say"yeah i have made my dream a reality".

Waiting for that day.

P.S : People who have read about my views and have the same dream or want to contribute to make India a developed country. Join us.

Join the LEADERS

Leaders speech

On the eve of the Martin Luther King's Day.It is good to hear the Leaders speech.

"I have a DREAM".

A Leader was Born.....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Morning prayer

Today i thought it's good to know the meaning of the prayer i do everyday in the morning.
It's the Gayathri Mantra. I do it everyday,i know it's very good to do it everyday in the morning during the Sunrise (4 a.m -8 a.m) and in the evening during the Sunset (4 p.m-8 p.m) because it's the prayer for praying the almighty SUN GOD.I feel our whole day will be good if we pray it everday and i chant that mantra everyday..But it's even good to know the meaning of the prayer we are praying everyday which is very powerful and will make your life happy.Believe it or not it's true.It's very powerful,powerful like the SUN.So i clearly came to know what i am praying everyday.
Here is the Gayathri mantra :

What does Gayathri Mantra Mean?

Om – Brahma or Almighty God,
bhur – Embodiment of vital spiritual energy,
bhuvah – Destroyer of sufferings,
svah – Embodiment of happiness,
tat – That,
savituh – Bright, Luminous like the Sun,
vareƱyam – Best, Most exalted,
bhargo – Destroyer of sins,
devasya – Divine,
dhimahi – May imbibe,
dhiyo – Intellect,
yo – Who,
nah – Our,
prachodayat – May inspire.

In short it is a prayer to the Almighty, the Supreme, the Divine Power, the Creator of the entire Cosmos, the essence of our life existence, who removes all our sins, pains and sufferings and grants happiness. It is a Prayer beseeching His Divine Grace to inculcate within me His Divinity and Brilliance which will purify me and guide my wisdom on the righteous path.

The Gayathri Mantra is in Sanskrit. The language which is origin for all the world languages.It seems Even the Computers work based on Sanskrit.

The Origin of the Language(Sanskrit) is INDIA.

So INDIA has the previlege to have the Origin of the language which is the origin for all the world languages.

Three Cheers INDIA.Get back the Legacy.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Unity is Strength

Lead the way. Be a Leader. Join the leaders

Here is an example of a little Leader. Little in age and physic,but a Leader in action.

It is also an example of "how actions work" . and how "Unity is Strength".

Lot of people think of lot of things,they only just think,they don't act.

This a typical example of how INDIANS think.....all people wait for someone to do,no one does it by himself.

But remember INDIA has lots of leaders.So people follow their leaders.

Glad that lots of Leaders are Emerging in INDIA and soon INDIA is going to be a leader.

But the key thing for that to happen is "UNITY"

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ganesha Symbolism

I learnt alot from Lord Ganesha. The one whom Hindus worship first to start anything.

The great qualities we should inculcate from him are..........

Be a Good Listener. If you can't listen to someone,how can you expect someone to listen to you??

Think Big.
Don't just think Ordinarily.

Concentrate on the minute things.Things that are even atomic. Because atoms form things.Small things form big things.So the concentration must be from the atomic level.

Talk Less.
If you talk less.Those talks will have much importance.Talk Wisely,don't talk all crap and waste your energy.It is said that "Lot of people waste their 95% of the energy talking,that too talking about useless things.

Think Positive.
Take only the good that comes your way.Leave the bad behind

Be Adapatable.
Adapt to any situation.Make it your time.Get accustomed any situation and turn it your way,if it is not your way and do it in a healthy way.

Digest the good and bad.
Get prepared for everything.

Control your Desire.
You should be able to control your desire,not the desire controlling you.

Friday, January 11, 2008

True Love and Humanity

I got this through an e-mail and it touched me a lot. Hope it makes lot of people think. Decide for yourself.
At times even if we lose a game,it is worth losing. Worth losing for a cause,Worth losing for someone's happiness.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Health is wealth

I think i need to take care of my health.Especially i need to eat. LoL :-)

Yeah really i need to eat. Before i used to think i should study.But now it's time for me to think "I should eat.

Today i ran 6.5 miles in 1hr 20 mts.I improved alot in the speed. My speed was nearly 5mph.

But i could feel the consequences of the not eating.

I used to run 6 miles in 1.5 hr. My latest best was on the eve of the new year day 6.5 miles in 97mts.

Today i did much better,but i was not feeling well after doing it.I had severe leg pain. I thought "Why is it paining severly today?It never pained for me before"

The reasons i got in my mind was "May be i had a 5 days gap of running and after that gap i should have started slowly.But i started as if my legs are ready for the goal and the other main reason and may be the only reason was i didn't have enough calories to be burnt.But i was burning them.Almost my body got dehydrated.

I really need to take care of myself.

"God give me the power and determination to do things.

Bless me with good health. Without good health i can't do the things you have assigned me to do in this world.So it's your responsibility to keep me in good health."

Hey don't worry sometimes i talk to GOD and He listens to me and gives me what i want.Good God.

"Health is the best Wealth"

Friday, January 4, 2008

How to say 'NO' when we can't say 'YES' ?

This question has been boggling my mind from so many days. Many times i got a situation where i wanted to say NO,but i couldn't say it. Because that NO might hurt someone's feelings whom i care about or it might make the other people misunderstand me or something..... which has some bad effect on me.

I recently came to know that saying NO is also a big thing.

There were situations where i was not happy even if i say "NO" or "YES".

How to handle situations like that?

If i say "Yes" to some things i am sacrificing some of my basic principles.

If i say "No" i am hurting few people whom i care about.

So recently there was a clash between "Principles" Vs "Family" .

Not only family my principles are clashing with lots of other things.

Now should i sacrifice my principles??

NO.......i don't think so i can do that because ,I am what i am now because of those principles only.So there is no point in sacrificing them. If i am sacrificing them i am sacrificing myself.

Ok. Now should i stick to my principles?That means i m hurting few people whom i care about and who do care about me.

So what should i do now..............................................?

When i was thinking i got an answer in the form of a question "Why don't you let the people understand your principles?,If they understand them there will not be a clash."

hahahaha. Now there lies the big problem and it raises another question.

"How to communicate effectively and let the people know what you are thinking and don't give scope for mis-understanding?".

So now i am stuck here.How should i make people understand what i am thinking. No two people can think the same. But it is a great art to effectively communicate what do u mean when you say something.

I don't think so i am good at it at this point of time.

So what can i do now?? I am working on it and praying GOD to give me the ability and courage to comminicate effectively and make people understand what i am thinking.

GOD, bless me with the courage to communicate effectively.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Resolutions

Be Determined.

Set goals and achieve them.

Make the people around me happy.

Don't just be ordinary. Keep that little extra effort and achieve the extra-ordinary results.

Finally which ever year it may be,i should meet my priorities in life this year too.

I believe in "Keep Living(my Life) rather than just Existing"

I pray God to give me the strength and will power to keep up my resolutions.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Determination levels

Today i recorded my determination levels . It is 4 mph.... lol Just kidding.

I mean i kept the goal to run 6 miles in 1.5 hr. I did it.

I achieved it . I ran 6.51 miles in 97 mts. You can see my determination statistics below.
Now i feel i am determined and i want to keep that determination going.....and last long.