Saturday, December 8, 2007

Why can't we accept Failures...?

Huhhhhh , I am really tired with these exams....the final exams.

I was struggling as if there were my the final exams of my life..

Sometimes i get so deep into few things that i forget for what i am doing it.....

Final exams of the semester....i didn't even want to take those because i could expect what the results would be.

Sometimes i donno what i am doing?..

I will be some where in the state of a Confused World.

ohhhhhh I donno what i am writing now....anyway please make sense out of it....

I am really frustrated,bored,disappointed......what all words/adjectives we can use for not being happy or being sad...........

I think i can't accept Failures.......

Now,what is Failure....?

Does "Not doing well in final exam of a semester mean Failure"?

May be....or may not be..........

I think sometimes we take very small issues as something very serious issues......

No problem if we take them as a serious issue,but there is a problem if we make that issue as a problem

In my context i am unable to come out of the mood that i didn't do the exams well..

May be that is a small issue and we got to go with life...and it's part of life.

But i wanna learn the art of accepting failures........

Does failure.....means absense of success.

Then there comes a question in my mind "What is Success?"

So then came an answer in my mind "It all depends on me"

So it all depends on our perception,our view,our requirements....

So may be i will define Failure as "Not meeting the Requirements".

This is just my definition....and not a STANDARD...IEEE.. lol :-)

So now the biggest task is knowing/finding what are the requirments......may be these are the things i talked about in my previous post.

Our requirments are our priorities in Life.

This semester has thought me one thing "Be prepared and don't skrew up your first chances,because the next chances may be/may not be that sweet"

I knew this before but couldn't remember this in this semester.

So atleast this semester has reminded me that.

So let me remind it again to "If We get a chance,we should utilize it to the maximum because we don't know how the next chance will be? Will there be any next chance? If there is one,will we do it better than the previous or worse than that......Who knows???

We only know the past(experiences) we can determine the present and just predict the future.

But predictions may go wrong....


Effects may be sometime need to be careful,ofcourse very careful.

"Experience is the only test we take before reading the lessons"

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