Monday, November 19, 2007

Why is the system like this?

Huhhhh! I am really sick of this system

One of the important reason why INDIA is still a devoloping country and not a developed country is the lame and sucking politics. Sorry to use that language......but it's really paining.So had to use it to express my frustration. I know i can't do anything by getting frustrated.But still i want to express it...

I really can't blame the people. I know i can't change the people.

"We can only change the system,not the people".

It hurts me alot when people change the system to their own benefits ignoring rest of the people.

Today, i really felt bad and helpless when my life is not in my hands.

I donno why? I can't take decisions about myself.

The saddest parts is ,the students who should play vital role in the future of the country are also being influeced by these dirty politics.

Let me quote an example.......

I am right now doing my Masters in Computer Science in Alabama,Huntsville.

We have Student Organization Elections..........

I could see the real nature of people during elections....... They have started breaking India into parts.......into states......... I really don't want to blame the students,but they have come from a system which has the worst politics and that is one of the reason ,why INDIA is still developing and not a developed country.

But it really makes me sad when the most important people who should frame the country are in a bad situation and are not UNITED.

INDIA is said to be a country that has "UNITY IN DIVERSITY".

I don't think so i find it....anywhere.

I questioned myself,saying
"why are you just worrying about it?Why don't you sort it out?"

I got an answer that i am helpless and it is good to be silent in few situations. Otherwise the things get worse and i may end up being a scap-goat.

Atleast at this point of time i don't think so i can handle situations like that..

For that....i should become more determined and stable.....

Hope God gives me that strenght and ability to handle situations like that.

God Bless INDIA and the students......

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