Friday, November 9, 2007

What is this Diary about?

I started this Diary because i felt like i should start it.

Why did i start it?
Few people may think what's this question?If you thought like that you are on the track because you are also questioning :-). Believe it or not most of the time my mind will be revolving around Why,What,How,When,Where, on. Don't think i am skeptical.It's not like that, these questions have helped me alot and i am seeing the results. Anyway this is all out of the answer for that 'Why'.

I started this because i thought every idea that comes into my mind should be recorded or saved.So that i can look back and see if i am forgetting anything ,that should have been done long back or precisely lets say it's all about re-collecting/reminding my ideas and i don't want to forget anything.

Let me make a point about 'Forgetting'. Forgetting is a great gift if we don't want to remember or think about few things again. It will be the otherway if we forget the things we should remember .

So it's more or less like an indicator/alerter.
I heard that Diary is Something private,but i felt i should share my ideas and views so that if i am going wrong,anyone can correct me. But i should mention Swami Vivekananda is my Inspiration and Motivation, and he always corrects me and pats me at my back when ever i am down-in heart or feeling wrong about anything.
When you are inspired you change your thinking,When you are motivated you change your action.

Don't just think that Diary is something you write for your own to look at it again.It also means "Darling I Always Rember You"

So to Remember all these ideas/views/thoughts......or the crazy things my mind thinks of,i started it.
I think i wrote more than what i should/thought to write about this DIARY.
Anyway let me give some hints, lets say "CAUTIONS/WARNINGS"for the people who want to continue reading :
I talk more than what i should talk. So please do take the privilege to decide on what is useful to you people(reading my diary).
Forgive me if i am wrong in any of the views/ideas and don't hesitate to correct me or give your comment/opinion

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