Friday, November 9, 2007


Success.......ahaaaa . I love that word.
What is SUCCESS?
It's means different for different people.Each has his own view about that,for me SUCCESS is fulfilling the purpose of my life.
But let me remind you "Success is a journey not a destination".
So anything i do to fulfill the pupose of my life,i am on the path of the success.
I do admit that the path/journey is not so soft and simple. So it all depends on us how we take that path/journey.We will go on with our journey if we are ready/willing to pass the hurdles which come on our way. I think we should pass those hurdles how hard it may be. In this context i get few words in my mind, which are : DETERMINATION and COMMITTMENT.
I think we need to be determined and committed to carry on with our journey in life.
Today i studied a book "Success After 40",while i was shelving the books in the library. I forgot to mention i do love the word Book-Worm because i am also one. :-)
The book was classified into different topics which had 'People who achieved their dreams'
'Success with vision'. 'People who are successful after failure'...and so on.
But as i skimmed through the Contents page of the book. I was interested in the heading. "People who are successful after failure." May be i was interested in that heading because i feel failures are also part of the life and we should be careful about them and i feel ,Success gets its importance because of failures. Because without failures how can one enjoy the importance of success?
and may be the other reason why i was interested in that heading was, i saw the name Henry Ford under that heading,the only name i know ,lets say i m familiar with, out of all the names mentioned in that book was Henry Ford. :-)
I was very much motivated by reading it.
Henry Ford says "People become Old if they stop learning. A person is old even if he is at 20 or 80,if he stops learning. So keep your mind young by learning".
Then i felt i m young because i learned what Henry Ford said :-) Anyway i am still young if we think in terms of age... :-)
So we should keep learning to be young and successful to achieve/fulfill the pupose of life.

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