Friday, November 9, 2007

Purpose of Life

Ahhhh! Life.....what is this life for? What is the purpose of my Life?

These questions used to boggle my mind everyday. I used to question myself.

I don't say i got the answer but may be i made an attempt to answer those questions or presented my views/thoughts to it.

What were my thoughts to it?

I felt like "Each and everyone in this world is for a purpose".
It's good if we can know the purpose of our life as early as possible.So that we can keep working on it or try to fulfill the purpose of the life.

So i din't actually find the answer to that question exactly but i thought " Life is not just a period between Birth and Death,it's more than that. We can do alot in/with this Life.

So i felt "I should do/achieve something big or purposeful in my life. I should have some Red pages in the book of "Life",so that i can refer back to those pages later and feel happy."

So as of now i am going on with my life,thinking that i can get the answer for that question "What is the purpose of life?. I doubt whether i will get that answer or not.But thinking in that way is making me feel much better and giving me more ideas,may be i will get an answer one day ,Who knows?.

and that may be the last day in my life. :-)

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