Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Vision

These days my mind is always thinking about INDIA.......

I don't know why ?

May be "We get to know the importance of something,when we are away from it or missing it".

But i am thinking lot about, how i can be able to be a part of making INDIA as developed country. I mean how can i be able to contribute or participate in making INDIA a developed country.

May be i am sick of hearing it as a developing country since the past 20 years when i was born.

I should be able to be a part of the developed INDIA.

In addition all these thoughts boggling my mind.

Today while i was working in the library. I happened to see the books about KARL MARX and MARXISM.

Then suddenly one of my senior came and asked me "How is the JOB?"
I said "i am enjoying it and also i am able to study lot of books ,in the process of doing the job".
I also said "Today i gave a glance to few books on Karl Marx and Marxism"
Then he said " Ohh Marxism"
Then I said " I think the total view of Marxism has changed today.People have changed it to their own benefits".
May be i don't know i mis-interpreted Marxism with Communism....
We talked alot about Communism because i quoted an example saying " Today in India the political parties like CPM,CPI......have totally ignored the real views/ideas of the Communism which gives more emphasis on "Right of EQUALITY".
In Communism there is NO RICH and NO POOR.
All are EQUAL.
Then we talked alot why INDIA is not fairing well.
Then he said "There is lot of problem with the people ruling in INDIA".
Then i said " May be the problem in not in the PEOPLE. The problem is in the SYSTEM".
Then there was a small debate...where he said no the problem is with the people.
I said the problem is with the SYSTEM,we can never change the people.
He says "Now even though i change the system....the people...will not be pleased because they are tuned to the old system and they will make me a scrap goat."
What he said is also true because people are tuned to the screwed system in such a way that they don't want a change.
So i said may be dictatorship for atleast 2 years in India under the able guidance of some good people who are patriotic about INDIA.
I know it's not possible because even...there will be lot of problems proving who is patriotic... I know it will not work.
Anyway after all this discussion , I thought i should be able to do something for my country and be a part of its development
I thought
  • Health
  • Education
  • Employment
are the important basic things that need to be taken care primarily/initially.
So then an idea came in my mind. Why don't i establish a School/college/University and produce leaders,scientists,teachers.......who will drive the future of INDIA.
I hope i will do it one day........
Waiting for that day.

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