Saturday, November 17, 2007


Love......what can we talk about this? I think one should feel it, even.though we talk or write so much.....about it,it will still be incomplete.

Its a great feeling...

Recently i learnt that "The Secret of Happiness is Loving the things you do,not doing the things you Love".

Love can be anything......the love for your job,love for your people,love for God......anything.

But most important thing is "LOVE YOURSELF"

At times i hate myself....i feel guilty of myself.. and in a situation like that i can't do anything.

So it is important that we love ourself.

At each stage of our life we have different perspectives of love.

In our childhood,we have the love for playing,doing crazy things, making fun.....of course crying.

In our teenage,the environment we grow influences us and we try to love our friends,teachers and all the people who influence us. Even we will learn to hate.

In the youth, each has his own idea,we become independent and mostly this is the age where the mind thinks of the opposite gender and gets tempted to it easily.

This is the age most people love and make many memorable moments in their life.

Some feel LOVE is Loss Of Valuable Education.

Some feel it is the one which drives the life.

I don't know how to say it......but to me Love is a great feeling .It is a great possession worth having.

Love is a part of life,but not the life.

But it is the most important part of life without which life is not at all a life................

So everyone should feel the love.

I even heard that as the age keeps on ceases. But i don't think so ,it should be the other way. It should still build up.......

Please forgive me if i said anything wrong.........because i have to still

Donno when i will . LOL :-)

Waiting............................for that day.

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