Saturday, November 10, 2007

How to be Active?

Huh !!!! Today i am really tired. Don't know why?.
For few days i am really active/fresh and feel like doing anything,but few other days i feel like why do i have this work?Should i work now.....?
When i really thought/analyzed with my weapon(WHY)
Why am i tired?
I got an answer saying " May be you didn't sleep for enough time yesterday".
Yeah that may be one of the reason.
  • At times we have time to sleep and
  • some other times even though we have time to sleep,we don't feel like sleeping but we will know its consequences while we are working,
  • and few times we don't have time to sleep.

So i questioned myself how to be active in what ever situation it may be?

I got an answer in the form of another question " May be you can't be active every time/Can we be active everytime?"

May be not, we can't be active every time.

So lets try to be active most of the time irrespective of the situation.

What do i mean by active?

Be active both mentally and physically. Both should co-ordinate. Even though if your mind is active and you are physically tired you can't do the work to the maximum extent and i doubt whether mind can be active when we are physically tired??

and it is the other way too....even though you are physically active/fresh you can't do or concentrate on anything if your mind is disturbed and busy....You know one thing most of the times my body will be present at one place and my mind will be thinking about something,lets say roaming somewhere........

What can i do? mind is the one which travels faster than the speed of light.......So it keeps on traveling...with such great speed.....

Do you know what are the consequences if the mind travels at such speed?

We can't concentrate and may be we will mess up the things(the work we are doing). Which quiet often happens to me :-).But to my luck that mess-up can be easily recovered/reverted back.

But what if we are working on something very important/critical if we are not concentrating and our mind is roaming,we will surely mess-up and those critical things can't be done again.

Let me you give you few simple examples of what i am talking about:

Lets take in my context:

While i am working in a library,i need to shelve books according to the order,if i am not concentrating i doubt whether i will keep the books in order or not.But that is a simple situation where i can keep them in order once my mind comes back to me or any other employee working after me will sort it out.

But while i am taking any exam which decides my grades....What if my mind goes for roaming.That's it gone.....i will end up screwing my grades......What if it is the final exam....??Gone.....

So we need to be able to CONCENTRATE in what ever situation we may be.

So to be active we need to co-ordinate our mind and body.

To make the mind active we need to concentrate and i m search of the options "How to concentrate"? Few of the people say meditation ,yoga......I know they give results but i doubt am i really committed to do meditation and yoga everyday? I don't think so. So i am searching for other options which can make me concentrate. Even i got a partial answer saying "If you are clear about what you want to do. you can concentrate?But the mind is very crazy it always wants to think about everything else except what we want to think........hahah :-) .Anyway I am trying to sort that issue out in the coming few days.

To keep the body active. We should rest/relax our body. Take bath,preferably with hot water.Sleep for the required amount of time.(Each has his own time.Some people get active if they have sound sleep for just 1-2 hours.Some may require atleast 6 hrs. Anyway I am even trying to find some options to be even physically active.

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